Don’t Get Too Excited, Bernie; The Nomination Isn’t In The Bag For You

The 2020 New Hampshire Primary took place last night as you know. I can’t say I was surprised by the results (many pundits on cable news and national news outlets predicted that Bernie would take New Hampshire since Vermont, his home state, is so close). I wasn’t happy with the results, but am not necessarily losing hope that capitalism as we know it will cease to exist in this country.

Full confession: I’m not a “Bernie Broad” (not sure if this is a thing, but I’m going to make it one since there is a group of Bernie supporters called the “Bernie Bros”) and do not agree with his policy stances by any means. It has always baffled me that Bernie, who is an independent, has changed a large segment of the Democratic party with his indoctrination of “Democratic Socialism” (whatever this means). I also think that Bernie Sanders is the left’s version of Donald Trump, which would continue to isolate us all into our own ideological silos, if he won the nomination and the presidency.

I have heard several times over that the Democratic nominee will need the vote of minority communities in order to win the nomination and general election. It baffles me that the two of the most Caucasian states in the Union would be first for the primaries, caucuses, etc.  New Hampshire and Iowa are over 90% white and many of the news outlets have stated that candidates will need the vote of minorities to win not only the nomination, but also the general election. Why not start with states that has more racial diversity, is more reflective of the United States as a whole, and reflects who is more likely to be the nominee and possible winner of the presidency?

It also seems like the media has not learned its lesson from 2016. We all know that that no one thought Donald Trump would win the nomination and subsequently the presidency. It seems like the media is still having a hard time gauging the pulse of the middle class and everyday people. They did not think that Buttigieg would have done as well as he did in Iowa and thought Biden would have no contest in winning the nomination and the presidency. If Bernie does end up getting the nomination, the media will end up with egg on their face. For the record, I do not have a complete mistrust of the media but think that they need work in some areas to gain back the trust of the greater population. This goes for both left and right leaning media outlets.

I don’t think that the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries/caucuses are a good gauge of how the rest of the primaries/caucuses will go. South Carolina may be a better bet for Biden. There are plenty of other states that have more delegates that will swing the vote in the direction of whomever will be the nominee. Who knows? We will have to wait and see, especially for Super Tuesday.

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