Powerful People in Powerful Positions That Overstep Their Bounds

The Trump Administration can’t cease to amaze me, especially with their corruption. The Attorney General’s office submitted a recommendation yesterday to seek a lighter sentence for Roger Stone, the former campaign adviser and friend of President Trump, resident comic book villain, and everyday slimeball, from the 7-9 years initially recommended for several charges that included witness tampering, lying under oath, and obstruction of justice.

The president tweeted that it was wrong that Roger Stone got the sentence that he did. Um…he broke the effing law! If you do the crime, you need to do the time. Yes, I understand that it was a white-collar crime and he will be in a minimum-security prison, which is pretty much like a Club Med, but even so, there are consequences to your actions. Imagine when my sons are older, and they do something wrong and I didn’t reprimand them. They would probably grow up to be entitled little a-holes (although that’s pretty much the personalities of the president and Mr. Stone).  I’m glad that they are young enough that I don’t have to explain that even though powerful people in powerful positions don’t have consequences to their actions, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences when you do something wrong.

My other pain point is that the Department of Justice’s office took the president’s tweet as an order to submit a recommendation. Now, I wonder if the president ordered AG Barr to do this or if AG Barr took the tweet as an order. The president’s job is not to order a lesser sentence for one of his buddies. I’m not an expert in politics or the government, but I know enough to understand that the executive branch should not do stuff like this. Chuck Schumer said that he wants the Inspector General to look into this further, but I’m sorry, Senator, it’s not going to do anything because apparently the president thinks he can do whatever he wants and the law doesn’t matter anymore.

I applaud the four attorneys that were on this case for resigning. Yes, it sucks that they do not have jobs, but if something lacks integrity like this kind of situation, sometimes it’s better to stand up for your values and for the law. We are a nation of checks and balances, not one where the president can freely fire whoever the hell he wants and do whatever he wants just because it suits him. I live in the United States of America, which is the best country in the world, and I want to be able to maintain what our founding fathers put forth for this country over 230 years ago. No leaders should be overstepping their bounds for their own benefit or the benefit of his friends, NO MATTER WHAT!

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