All You Need is Love, or Is It?

When I was single, I used to joke that I would be on the couch (or in my bedroom if the TV was being used at my parents’ house) eating ice cream watching a rom-com. I always thought that Valentine’s Day would mean so much more if I was dating someone. Now that I am married, Valentine’s Day is nice, but doesn’t mean as much as I thought it would. Valentine’s Day, to me, is just a manufactured and consumer holiday and am not sure of the point of it.

After reflecting on the purpose of this holiday, I think that Valentine’s Day should not necessarily be limited to romantic love. It’s important to make sure to show love to your loved ones, those you care about (friends), and maybe just a random stranger on the street. Perform an act of kindness. Love comes through in all forms.

Even though there is a dedicated day to showing your significant other that you love them, keep in mind that there are another 364 (or 365) days to show them how much you appreciate them. Make them dinner. Buy a gift that you see in the store that reminds you of them just because. Clean the house without them asking you. Although I’m not perfect with following through on this, I try to do this with my husband throughout the year. On the other hand, my husband is great at doing this for me; I don’t deserve him sometimes.

I think that one of the most important types of love is self-love (I mean this in the most non-perverse way possible). The ability to love yourself is something that you could have figured out already or something that you are working on. There are many ways to tell yourself that you love…yourself (again, I don’t mean this in a perverted way). Look at yourself in the mirror and recite a mantra, perform a hobby to help yourself decompress, etc. It’s something that I continue to work on, on a regular basis.

Whether you are single or taken this Valentine’s Day, make sure to love yourself the most. You and your loved ones will thank you.

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