Can’t We All Just Get Along?

There was an article on Fox News’ website yesterday about protestors that destroyed a booth for a College Republican club on the University of California, Santa Cruz’s campus. I have included the link to the article below for your reference:

This story stated that the protestors ripped up their signage, including an American flag that was hanging up at the booth. There is a video associated with this article in which the founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, is being interviewed by the hosts of “Fox and Friends Weekend” and states that the left is unhinged, and he is afraid that there will be more attacks like this as the left becomes more unhinged.

There are problems on both sides of the argument here. I will start with the most obvious, the protestors. I think that freedom of speech is one of the most important rights that we have living in the United States of America. Although it is the protestors’ right to exercise their disdain with the booth and what the College Republicans may stand for, it is very wrong to resort to violence to express your opinion. Have a constructive conversation with the member of the club. Walk away in disapproval if you don’t agree with their ideological beliefs.

I remember that when I was in college (I went to a state university in Pennsylvania), there were many groups that were not associated with the university that would show up trying to spread the word about their particular cause (most of the time, it was Christian organizations telling us that we were sinners because we were in college doing…college things). I would just walk away and roll my eyes in disapproval and disdain. I saw a video from the student newspaper at my university about 5 years after I graduated with a swarm of students walking one of these groups off campus and yelling at each other. Walk the hell away or just avoid it if it pisses you off that much. It’s not a hard concept.

My other problem with this story is Mr. Kirk’s response. Insulting the other side is no way to help your cause, buddy. Yes, what this group did was wrong and abhorrent, but calling a whole group of people “unhinged” just makes you look like a tool. It’s comments like these that continue to divide us. Just because you, your organization, or those with your ideological beliefs are being attacked does not mean that you need to attack back.

My point is that the College Republicans club has every right to be on campus championing their cause just as much as a left leaning organization does and it is wrong for either side of the aisle to resort to violence and destruction of property just because you disagree with someone. I may be living in la-la land, but we need to get back to having constructive conversations about our political beliefs. It is not productive to sit there and insult someone just because they do not agree with you politically. Period.

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