And You Get a Pardon, You Get a Pardon, Everybody Gets a Pardon!

President Trump has really found his pardoning power and has been acting like Oprah handing them out over the last 24 to 48 hours. He has pardoned and commuted the sentence of some rather questionable figures, including Rod Blagojevich and the former owner of the San Francisco 49ers, that were convicted of white-collar crime.

Presidential pardons are controversial moves that many other presidents have used in the past. These pardons seem kind of disgusting though. I wrote a post last week about Roger Stone and stated that if you do the crime, you need to do the time (see post “Powerful People in Powerful Positions That Overstep Their Bounds”). When someone is using their power for a corrupt purpose, that says to me that you don’t have a strong moral compass and is especially important for that person to think about what they have done via a prison sentence. I’m just baffled that President Trump ran on “draining the swamp”, but these pardons make him seem like the Swamp Thing.

The president also said that he was the “Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Country”. Uhh…no, you’re not; that’s Bill Barr’s job. Our founders made sure that the president didn’t have this much power so that we wouldn’t have a king. I know the president has joked that he would be “President 4Ever” (Google it; he has tweeted multiple times about him or one of his kin becoming president every 4 years), but that’s not the country we live in. Go back to history class or hell, read a book, Mr. President.  

It’s nauseating to think that Roger Stone could possibly get a pardon from the president in the future. It’s enough to make you feel so gross that you need to take a shower. Ugh.

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