Guilty Pleasure: The Masked Singer

I have jumped on The Masked Singer bandwagon and hype over the last two seasons. This show is addictive and such a mind game with its viewers (in a good way).

I try to take the clues into consideration but try to listen to the voices as well. Yes, I know that the singers are attempting to mask their voices, but sometimes you can tell who it could be. While I am watching, I usually peruse Twitter to see who other people are guessing. Entertainment Tonight has a video that they post usually the morning after the episode airs that will go over who the correspondents think that the mask could be, so I will watch that as a supplement. Sometimes I have no idea who it could be and then either someone on Twitter or Entertainment Tonight will say that “That could be this person” and I may agree.

The most recent episode aired last night (Wednesday, February 19th), and I have my guesses of who each of the masks could be. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, I would stop reading this post now because there will be spoilers. The Frog was first and social media and ET are saying that it could be Bow Wow, the rapper from the early 2000s. However, I thought that the Frog could be Donald Faison based on the voice. If you have followed Donald Faison’s career too, he can dance too and there was some dancing in his performance. I thought that the Frog would be eliminated first since he went first and his performance became forgettable as the show progressed. I don’t think the Frog will last much longer, but I thought the same thing about the White Tiger (who I’m pretty sure is Rob Gronkowski, former player on the New England Patriots) and he advanced.

I’m going to skip the Elephant for now. The Kitty went next and I could not figure out who this could be since I missed the clue package. Social media and ET were saying that this was Sabrina Carpenter, the actress and singer, but I’m not so sure. I need another episode of clues for the Kitty to try to figure out who this could be. I though the Kitty was phenomenal and will most likely make it to the finals. The Taco went next and was so impressive that it surprised me. This was a comedian based on the clue package, but who could it be? Social media was saying that the Taco could be Tom Bergeron, which is a great guess and was not my initial guess. I thought that this could be Seth MacFarlane at first, but then started to think that this could be Bob Saget based on the clues. It has to be either Bob Saget or Tom Bergeron. In any case, I hope that the Taco goes far.

I could not figure out who the Mouse was based on the clues and the voice. Something is telling me that this is a middle aged or older woman. I know that Ken Jeong has outrageous guesses (which I’m starting to think are an act), but I do agree with him that this could be Maya Rudolph. When Maya Rudolph has sang on SNL in the past, she has always been trying to be funny and her singing voice is okay. However, I think that if she really tried singing, she would be good. Others have been saying that this could Dionne Warwick, but I’m not convinced. It may take another clue package to persuade me that it’s her.

Back to the Elephant. After Ken guessed that it could have been someone like Beto O’Rourke because of the clue about white houses, I agreed with him. At first, I was shocked that it was Tony Hawk, but after they reviewed the clue package, it made more sense. It is difficult to guess which one of Group B will go home next week. Each of the performers are good showmen and can sing well. As I alluded to earlier, I think there are several members of this group that will most likely end up in the finals. It’s anyone’s guess if they will.

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