Las Vegas Democratic Debate Review

I’m a little late with reviewing the Democratic debate that happened in Las Vegas on Wednesday, but my God, what a mess. It’s like the worst kind of large family dinner where things get extremely personal and then eventually everyone ends up attacking one person repeatedly.

This was Bloomberg’s first debate and I’m not surprised that he didn’t do all that well. I felt like he took a couple of pages from Trump’s playbook in debates, specifically the lack of transparency about his character and past practices with his business. Elizabeth Warren called him out numerous times throughout the debate and after a while, it just got old. There’s only so much you can be the “woke” police and call out that Bloomberg is a millionaire (we know) before it starts to get irritating. I also felt like she was contradicting several points that she made. Warren stated that she wants unity in the party, but craps on everyone’s proposals. So much for unity, woman.

My opinion of Bernie Sanders has not changed from this debate. I felt that he has used the same talking points that he has used in past debates and not answering questions about how his plans will be paid for. At one point during the debate, the moderator (I believe it was Lester Holt) asked him whether he was polarizing. This question was so stupid; of course, he is not going to say yes. He also alluded to the fact that if you are not part of the movement, you are part of the status quo, and this was called out by one of the other candidates (I want to say it was Buttigieg, but I’m not sure). Sanders did not take accountability for his supporters that are attacking others on social media too, and this also bothered me. I do like that Bloomberg called him out that he is a millionaire with multiple houses but has policies targeting the rich.

Buttigieg and Klobucher seem like they were overlooked by the media, but I thought they had good debate performances. Buttigieg did flip-flop on his opinion of Sanders from 2000, which did bother me a little bit. I was pleasantly surprised with Klobucher’s performance; she cracked a couple of jokes and seemed like she was well prepared. There is something about her that is not resonating with me, though. I can’t put my finger on it. I thought that Buttigieg and Klobucher’s arguments were uncomfortable and started to get personal after a while (I’m talking about the fact that Buttigieg could have been alluding to the fact that Klobucher was unintelligent).

Biden was well prepared for the debate, but I’m not sure that he has resonated with voters. I would not be surprised if he drops out after a couple more primaries/caucuses. Although Warren had a fire under her during the entire debate, I still don’t think this is enough to clench the nomination. The Nevada caucus is tomorrow (Saturday, February 22nd) and I’m curious to see who will win the delegates for this state. Who knows; maybe there will be a completely different winner in Nevada.

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