Land of Confusion: The Masked Singer, Group B Playoffs Part 2 Review

Last night’s Masked Singer episode left me so confused. Most of the guesses that I had last week are not at all on the mark.

The Banana (who I forgot to mention last week…oops) was first to perform and based on the clues from last week and this week, I am still convinced that this is someone from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, specifically Bill Engvall. Social media thinks that the Banana is Bret Michaels or John Schneider. I’m not sure I am on board with either of those guesses. The Mouse performed next and I was also not convinced that this was Dionne Warwick, who was both the judge’s and social media’s guess. Ken’s guess of Tina Turner was totally off the wall. I knew it wasn’t Tina Turner since I read an article in People Magazine over a year ago and she is living in Switzerland with health issues. She wouldn’t just fly to LA for a couple of months to do a show and risk her health. Duh, Ken!

The Frog performed after the Mouse and my guess last week was totally wrong. The “CSI” clue is persuading me that this could possibly be Bow Wow, which is social media’s guess, but I’m on the fence. This could really be anyone. The Taco is the only one that I am sure of. The clues are making me lean towards Tom Bergeron. There was a whoopie cushion, which alluded to Hollywood Squares and Whoopie Goldberg being the center square. The Taco also mentioned that he had anger issues in the past. If you look at Tom Bergeron’s IMDB page, it says that he had anger issues and has been able to stay centered through yoga and meditation. One of the judges guessed Seth MacFarlane and I thought that was also a good guess. I thought that last week based on the voice.

I have absolutely no idea who the Kitty is. The clue package was showing a sewing room and the creation of garments as well as her mentioning something about a modern family. It could be a singer that is also a designer. I need more clues for the Kitty to persuade me one way or the other. I thought for a second it could have been Kendall Jenner, but I don’t think she would have time to do this show nor would she even consider it as it would probably be “beneath her”.

Some of the eliminations this season remind me of eliminations on the recent seasons of Dancing with the Stars (if you watch the show in its recent seasons, you will understand what I mean). Legendary singers are being eliminated from this show. Group A saw the elimination of Chaka Khan (Miss Monster) and Group B had Dionne Warwick (I was in denial about her being the mouse). I know that this is show is pre-taped a couple of months ago, but what are the audience’s expectations to keep someone on the show? I understand the entertainment value of his or her performance is enough to keep them there, but it’s also a singing competition. If they can’t sing, send them home!

Onward to next week! I’m hoping that the Kitty, Taco and Frog will move on to the next round, but it’s totally up in the air.

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