Injections and Infiltration?

The City of Philadelphia announced plans to open a supervised, “safe” injection site inside of a clinic in South Philadelphia. The announcement of the opening of this site was met with much outrage from members of the community, causing the site’s plans for opening to be cancelled.

It seems to me that these injection sites condone drug use. We are in the middle of an opioid crisis and creating an opportunity for drug users to keep using seems counterintuitive. I understand the argument that it keeps people that are using drugs in one environment and allows them to seek treatment if the overdose and the site just happens to be located inside of a clinic, but I would think that the drug use and potential drug dealing could overflow into the surrounding community. If I lived in the surrounding area where this site would have been, this would make me nervous to see needles and other paraphernalia on the streets, especially when my sons get older, mobile and curious about everything.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to establish programs for drug users to quit their habit and become functioning members of society? I’m sure peoples’ tax dollars would be put to better use with this type of program instead of funding a place for those to continue their habit. Mayor Kenney’s initiatives, such as the sugar tax to fund a pre-k program and the steps to make the city more environmentally sound, have made the city a better place, but this one seems to miss the mark completely.

Who knows if the plans to open this injection site will come to fruition in the future? I’m sure that future injection sites will pop up in Philadelphia soon enough. There is a certain pride that I have in the city of Philadelphia and I don’t want to see it run into the ground by drugs.

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