Super Tuesday – Biden to the Rescue

Super Tuesday has come and gone for another presidential election cycle. The results are in (well, kind of) and did not disappoint me.

I was disappointed that Mayor Pete dropped out of the race prior to Super Tuesday since I thought he had a lot of potential in national politics. However, after I thought about it, it made sense that he dropped out so that Joe Biden could get the moderate votes that Mayor Pete would have gotten (same with Amy Klobucher, although I wasn’t too upset that she dropped out). It was irritating that both Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg were still in the race. The South Carolina primary proved that the race for the Democratic nomination is between Biden and Bernie. It seemed selfish to stay in the race and take votes away from the two frontrunners. Michael Bloomberg (finally) dropped out of the race this morning. I understand that he wanted to throw all his eggs into one basket on Super Tuesday, but did you really think that would be effective?  Anything is possible but come on.

I’ve concluded after paying attention to several of the primary/caucus results and looking at 2016’s Republican and Democratic primaries that the polls don’t matter. Where are pollsters getting their samples to poll? I don’t think it’s reflective of what the people are thinking by any means. I heard several news stories in the past saying that Bernie is leading in the polls before a primary or caucus happens for that state, and it happens to be that Biden ends up winning. It also happened in 2016 where polls would show that Donald Trump was lagging, and it just so happened he obtained the Republication nomination and subsequently the presidency. If you want to find out what people are thinking, pollsters, get a bigger and more diverse sample.

It seems like most of the American people may not be ready for Democratic Socialism and would like to maintain a capitalistic society. I wonder if a Socialist Party will be established if Biden gets the Democratic nomination. It would make more sense with this segment of the Democratic party, but since when did politics ever make sense?  

(Photo Courtesy of WebStockReview)

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