The Masked Singer Review: Taco with a Side of Salsa and Sour Cream

This latest episode of The Masked Singer has me feeling all kinds of things. I can’t even deal with it. If you have not watched the latest episode, this will have spoilers, so stop reading now!

I still can’t figure out who Kitty is. The clues made me so much more confused. Twitter was not helpful by any means to convince one way or another. However, Entertainment Tonight’s Unmasking The Masked Singer (find this on YouTube) has said that this could be either Nicole Richie or Jackie Evancho (a contestant on America’s Got Talent). This after show has made me lean towards Nicole Richie, but again, this is super confusing. I do think that the Kitty will make it to the finals and could potentially win the whole thing.

I will skip my commentary about Taco for the time being. I’m still convinced that Banana is a comedian, specifically one from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and still sure it is Bill Engvall. Bill Engvall and Nick Cannon are the same height and Engvall would be taller than him with the Banana’s head. T-Pain had guessed Johnny Knoxville and I could see this too. I don’t think it’s Bret Michaels; he doesn’t seem like he would do a show like this.

The Frog was the last to perform. I am leaning towards this being Bow Wow the more I see and hear the clues. The person was a child star based on the person that gave clues on their behalf during the package. I believe it was T-Pain or Ken that said that it could be Tommy Davidson, which could be the case, but I’m not so sure.

The Taco’s performance was great, but I had a feeling that the elimination would be between him and the Banana. I was not at all surprised that the Taco was Tom Bergeron and was rather pleased to see him doing this show (I screamed “I KNEW IT!” once Taco took off the mask). He’s one of those celebrities that I’m always happy to see; he’s witty, able to make both audiences and contestants feel good, and is just a great performer. Some of the guesses from the panel were horrible. Did you seriously think it was Barry Manilow? Come on. It’s the same thing with Martin Short and Kelsey Grammar. No way it could have been them.

Group C will begin next week with the Astronaut, Bear, Night Angel, Rhino, Swan and T-Rex. I’m not a fan of how the groups are set up this season, but am excited to see who goes to the front of the pack in this group.

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