The Masked Singer: Group C Introductions – What a Bear!

Group C was introduced on the latest episode of The Masked Singer. All I can say is wow! Again, if you have not watched this week’s episode, stop reading. There will be spoilers.

The Night Angel began the night and the mask creeped me out so much. I thought that this could be an heiress at first based on the clue package. However, based on the voice, I think it could be someone like Emile Sande (sings “Next to Me” and “Beneath Your Beautiful”) or Monica. Social media thinks that this could be Kandi Burruss. I’ve heard of her and know she’s on one of the Real Housewives franchises, but I have no idea who she is and don’t know too much about her background. I do think she has a great voice though and could definitely make the semi-finals or finals.

I will skip the Bear for now. The Astronaut was the next to go. I thought that based on the clue package and the celebrity’s stature, this could have been Adam Devine (“pitch perfect” clue). I don’t think it’s him because I don’t think his singing voice is all that good (sorry, Adam Devine…I still like you as an actor). I’m at a loss at who this could be. The judges’ guesses of Josh Hutcherson and Lance Bass were good, and I could see this. Social media said that this could be Hunter Hayes. I’m not familiar with him either since I’m not really a fan of country music. They have a pretty good voice no matter who it is.

The T-Rex sang next and I have to say this is probably my least favorite mask. This person was too energetic for my taste and did not sing well at all! I think that this person appeared on another reality show. Social media guessed this was JoJo Siwa, who I also don’t know much about. I thought that the T-Rex would be the one to go home, but unfortunately, I was wrong.

The Rhino went next. This person is tall, and I thought that they were a former football player. There was a clue in the package that said something about Tennessee and I still can’t put a finger on who this could be. There was a guess that this could be Tim Tebow and I wouldn’t be surprised. Other guesses on social media said that this could be Trace Adkins, who is 6’6”. I hope that this person does not get eliminated until either the semi-finals or the finals.

The Swan was the last to go. I could not even come up with a guess for this mask from the clue package. I thought the Swan did not pick a good song for her voice and thought that she was offkey. One of the judges said that this could be Jennifer Love Hewitt based on the clues. Jennifer Love Hewitt has released a couple of singles that I have heard before and I don’t remember her voice being that pitchy. Yes, she may be disguising her voice, but if you are a good singer, you can’t disguise it to be that bad. I don’t remember the judge that guessed this, but someone else said that this could be Sarah Michelle Gellar and I could see that.

The Bear ended up being eliminated, and I can’t say I’m surprised at this one. When the Bear took off her mask, my literal reaction was “Holy s***!” with my mouth over my face (yes, I know I shouldn’t be touching my face). I couldn’t believe that this was Sarah Palin! I saw a lot of backlash on Twitter after this episode aired and I feel bad. What’s wrong with Sarah Palin having a little fun?

Group C Playoffs are next week. Hopefully the audience will get it right.

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