The Masked Singer Review: Group C Championships – Got It Right This Time

I missed doing a review of last week’s episode due to technical difficulties, mental health, etc. Think of it as taking a mental health week from the blog.

I was able to catch this week’s episode of The Masked Singerlive and it was a good escape from reality. We saw one more masked celebrity take their final bow before Group C moved on the Super Nine. I will say I was not disappointed by who was eliminated. Again, if you have not watched the episode, stop reading now because there will be spoilers.

The Night Angel performed first out of the bunch. I’m beginning to agree with social media’s guess of Kandi Burruss from The Real Housewives franchise. Her masked friend during the clue package said that she missed her prom for a career opportunity and if you investigate this further, Kandi worked a show on BET when she was 15 (not quite prom age, but close). Another guess that I had for Night Angel is Tamar Braxton. I believe that it was Jenny that said that this could be Toni Braxton, but I don’t think that is the case because Toni Braxton has such a distinctive voice.

The Astronaut performed next and although social media thinks that this is Hunter Hayes, I tend to disagree. There were several clues alluding to boy bands (“Bye, Bye, Bye”), Jonas Brothers, etc. I think that this could be Lance Bass. The clues from last week were pointing towards someone that was a Disney child star and I guessed that it could be Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Lion King and shorter stature), but I am now convinced otherwise.

The T-Rex, my least favorite mask of this group, was next to perform. Her performance of “Jai Ho” was horrible and did a disservice to Nicole Scherzinger. More about T-Rex later. The Rhino was the last to perform. I’m still sticking by my guess that this could be a football player. I thought it was Tim Tebow at first, but now I’m thinking that it could be Nick Foles too. There were quarters in the clue package (quarterback) and Missouri was highlighted. Nick Foles played for the Kansas City Chiefs for a short time, which made him love the game of football again. Social media said that this is Barry Zito, a former baseball player. I have no idea who this is.

The T-Rex was thankfully eliminated this week, missing her chances of going to the Super Nine. I had to agree with social media that this was Jojo Siwa based on the clues and in fact it was. I wouldn’t have wanted another White Tiger situation happening with this group with a celebrity that is undeserving of moving forward to the Super Nine. All the celebrity masks that went to the Super Nine deserve to be there. I would like to see either the White Tiger and/or Banana be eliminated in the next episode. I could also see a double elimination happening in the next couple of weeks to expedite getting to the finale.

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