The Masked Singer Review – Super Duper Nine

All the masked performers came together this week for performances that were full of fun, flare and talent. I think it’s apparent from this past week who will end up in the finale. Again, if you have not watched the latest episode, stop reading now; there will be spoilers.

The Turtle was the first to perform with “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood and I definitely enjoyed his version of the song. The clues for this mask were that he is not a trained dancer, not another teen clue and not known for just one thing. I’m still on the Jesse McCartney train. Some of the guesses from the judges included Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey and Brian Littrell, which I think were all farfetched. If you were a fan of boy bands back in the ‘90s and ‘00s (like me), you know that each of these singers have a distinct voice that is nowhere near what Turtle has delivered.

The Kangaroo was next. Her performance was okay, but I predict that she will be eliminated right before the finale. She stated that she has been through hell in the past year and pulled a “roo” out of her pouch, which leads me to believe she is a mother. Again, social media is leaning towards Jordyn Woods, someone who is associated with the Kardashian clan, but I don’t know anything about her (nor do I care to know anything about her if she is associated with the Kardashians). My gut is telling me that it is Amber Rose. She is a mother, has experienced negativity throughout her career, and would probably tower over Nick Cannon with the head of that mask.

The White Tiger performed next and the performance was full of flair, but the voice was still terrible. His clues included “swish, swish” and the fact that he wrote a best-selling book. My guess for this mask has always been Rob Gronkowski. The choice for the Bottom Three was chosen out of Group A, which ended up being the White Tiger, which surprised no one.

The Kitty was the next one to perform and she did not disappoint. Anyone that can belt out Celine Dion with no issues is a great singer in my book. The Kitty will probably end up in the finale. She had a Christmas clue and the clue package showed the Christmas tree from last season that ended up being Ana Gasteyer. The Kitty also said that Robert Redford got her her first role. I’m still lost on who this could be, but if I had to take a shot in the dark, I’d guess that this was Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, or Emma Roberts, which is what the judges said. Social media thinks that this could Jackie Evancho, but I’m not familiar with her career, so I don’t have any basis to make this guess.

The Banana was next to perform, and this was a mediocre performance. He stated that he had a traumatic injury and had or has a mullet. The Banana also said that he was not a stand-up comedian but can be considered funny (or something like that). I think that the Banana could be either Bret Michaels, Billy Ray Cyrus, or Johnny Knoxville. The Frog was the next to perform and his performance was good, but for some reason, he is not memorable to me. He showed a knight in shining armor in his clue package as well as the fact that he is not a trained dancer. I think that this is Bow Wow, but not because of the clues. It’s mostly because social media pointed out it could be him and the voice sounds like him. The Bottom Three for Group B was announced, and the Banana was chosen. Again, this did not surprise me. His performance was the weakest out of the three in Group B.

Group C was next to perform with the Night Angel leading the way. She put a tricycle in her package, which could mean several things (she has children, triple threat, etc.). The Night Angel also stated that she is not just a singer, but a mogul. I think that it could be either Tamar Braxton or Kandi Burruss based on these clues. I’m not familiar with Kandi Burruss other than her career, but since this mask has such a great voice and who I think is the frontrunner in the whole competition, I have been putting more effort into finding out who this could possibly be.

The Rhino was next to perform and said that he is not in fact an athlete and is not as tall as people think he is in the costume. There were slots in the clue package, and he stated that he has risen the Billboard charts. I’m now lost with who the Rhino could be since he said he is not an athlete and my initial guess was Tim Tebow. The Astronaut was last to perform, and he said that he was forced to start over and broke a world record. He also said that he was never formally trained in singing. My guess is still Lance Bass, but social media has said that this is Hunter Hayes. This is one of those masks that we will have to wait and see because I have no idea about him either. The Bottom Three for Group C was chosen, and it was the Rhino.  I wish that no one was chosen from this group since I felt like all their performances were enough to keep them in the competition for much longer.

I don’t remember whether the panel chose who would be going home in past seasons, but I do like that they had the final say to send someone home this time. The White Tiger ended up being eliminated. My guess was right: it was Rob Gronkowski (I know; this was an easy one). I always like seeing him since he has such a charismatic personality and (of course) isn’t bad to look at either.

I didn’t realize that this show will not ending until May 27th, but I’m excited to see where it goes. Next week will have the first group of the Final 8 performing. I’m hoping that either the Banana or Frog go home next week, but we will have to wait and see.

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