Check Your Privilege At The Door, Kardashians

A story has been floating around about the Kardashians in which Khloe “TP’ed” Kourtney’s house with Kourtney’s son, Mason, for Mother’s Day. Typically, I wouldn’t care what this family does, but since they decided to do probably one of the most tone-deaf things during a pandemic, I had to find out more. I found out that some members of the family thought that this was not only appropriate, but amusing. This is another example of how not only the Kardashians, but also other celebrities, including Hailey and Justin Bieber, don’t understand or don’t care how those of us “common folk” live.

The obvious gripe that I have with this story is the fact that they were using resources that are especially scarce in the time of the pandemic. It’s a pain trying to find toilet paper anywhere. I was going into the grocery store until a couple of weeks ago (my anxiety was getting the best of me in the store and I have decided to do Instacart to get my groceries for the foreseeable future, which I love). I’m not sure about your local grocery store, but when I have walked through the paper products aisle over the span of a couple of weeks, there are little to no packages of paper towels and toilet paper on the shelf and limits on the number that a customer can buy per day. I’m sure that the cost of toilet paper is chump change for that family, and they stocked up on it a while ago. They could also have a bidet and decided to buy toilet paper for shits (no pun intended) and giggles. If the latter is the case, you should really be ashamed of yourselves, Kardashians.

This family has shown that they don’t care about those that are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families as a result of a furlough or permanent layoff. People are waiting in lines at food banks for hours on end, but you get to stay in your precious mansion while others are probably still waiting on you hand and foot. Oh, please. I would like to think a donation to a charity helping people with that need it during this time or an organization helping to make PPE for those on the front lines would help to redeem their image, but for most in this family, it’d be a way to save face. I wouldn’t buy it.

I don’t want to discount the fact that there are plenty of other celebrities that are helping those in need, including Kylie Jenner. Kylie is the only one that is a part of that family that gets a pass in my opinion. The others need to do better and check their privilege at the door. It’s stories like these that confirm why most people continue to distrust Hollywood.

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