Masked Singer Recap: Who Will Take It All in the Finale?

It’s been a while since I have posted about “The Masked Singer”. I finally had a chance to catch up on the last couple of episodes in April and May (yes, I know I have all the time in the world right now, but I didn’t feel like watching it in the last two weeks in April). I didn’t watch the sing-along episode that aired on April 15th because I thought it was cheesy. Nevertheless, I thought it would be fitting to give a recap of my thoughts on the last couple of episodes before the finale. If you have not watched episodes throughout the last month, please stop reading now. There will be spoilers.

I thought many of the performances over the last 4 episodes showed that the celebrities under the mask were really fighting for a place in the finals more so than what I’ve seen in the last two seasons. My gauge for some of the best performances throughout the last couple of weeks were those that evoked emotion and gave me goosebumps. I thought that the performances from Rhino, Astronaut and Banana were along those lines. Rhino’s performance of “Humble and Kind” even made me cry (that song always makes me cry). I thought that Banana’s performance of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan was full of passion too. Kitty’s performances were consistent in my opinion and really showed her vocal range; “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse was my favorite performance of hers. Astronaut was also consistent with his performances with “Story of My Life” by One Direction being my favorite. Two of the performers in the finals really solidified why they deserve to be in the finals. My favorite performance by the Turtle was “Fix You” by Coldplay because it really hit you in the feels. The Night Angel always has great performances too and my favorite performance of hers was this past week’s “How to Love” by Lil Wayne with “Last Dance” being a close second.

Now for the eliminations. I thought it was Banana’s time to go the week that he was eliminated. As I stated earlier, his last performance was one of my favorite performances. I was not surprised that this was Bret Michaels (after a while, the clues started to point in this direction for me and I became more convinced it was him) and thought it was funny that he performed “Brick House” for his faceoff song (never thought a rocker like that would ever perform that, but hey, I didn’t think I’d see Sarah Palin on this show; you just never know). It was also amusing that Sharon Osbourne, the guest judge for that week, had guessed that it was him pretty quickly after intensely concentrating on his performance. I was a little disappointed to see the Astronaut go the next week, but on the other hand, I thought he was a wild card in that he could have made it to the finals or been eliminated right before, which was the case. It took a little bit for the clues for the Astronaut to sink in for me and once he was eliminated, I was not surprised it was Hunter Hayes (I was hoping it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas since he has been out of the spotlight for a little bit, but oh well). Two eliminations that disappointed me were the Kitty and Rhino. I thought that either of these masks deserved to be in the finals, especially the Kitty. I had no idea who the Kitty was and once I saw who it was (Jackie Evancho), the clues started to make more sense to me after doing more research. I thought the Rhino was one person in the beginning of the journey (Tim Tebow), but after doing more research, I thought it was Barry Zito (I became more familiar with him through this show). Once the Rhino removed his mask, I wasn’t surprised to see it was in fact Zito.

The Night Angel, Turtle and Frog will be battling it out in the finals next week. The Night Angel has been my pick to win since the beginning. She very much deserves the Golden Mask Trophy and has a phenomenal voice. I think that the Night Angel is still Kandi Burruss from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some of the clues from this past week threw me for a loop, but I’m still sticking with my guess. I would not be mad if the Turtle won either. He also has a great voice and has shown his range in his performances. I think that this is Jesse McCartney and each week, the clues continue to confirm this. I was indifferent about the Frog in the beginning of the competition, but I’m not really a fan of his anymore. I don’t think he is a versatile performer and would be extremely disappointed if he did not win. I think he should have been eliminated this past week or the week before that. The Frog reminds of White Tiger, but more talented (no hate on Rob Gronkowski; he was one of my favorites to be unmasked, even though his singing was terrible). As I stated earlier, I thought that either the Kitty or Rhino should have been in the finals over the Frog. My prediction is that the Night Angel will take it, followed by the Turtle as the runner up and the Frog in 3rd place.

Tell me your thoughts of how the finals will go. Wednesday (or whatever day it is at this point) will be here before you know it and the audience will speak for itself.

(Picture Courtesy of Fox)

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