It Was The Rhythm of The Night Angel: Masked Singer Season 3 Finale Recap

Season three of “The Masked Singer” ended last night and the results did not disappoint, even though the episode was rather bland. The final three gave their all to win the Golden Mask and a powerhouse got to take it home. Again, if you have not seen the finale, please do not read any further. There will be spoilers.

The introduction to the episode showed viewers around the country enjoying this season, finding solace in the show in the time of quarantine. I thought that the introduction was cheesy and continued to beat the phrase “We’re all in this together” into our minds, which I think most of us are sick of hearing. The episode jumped right into the performances for the final three with Frog leading off. He rapped yet again; yippee…One of the judges said that the Frog would be hard to beat after his performance, which was not true. His lack of variety in his performances would have been quite easy to beat. I will give it to the Frog that he was a better dancer than the rest of the final three. Who knows; he could have a future on “Dancing with the Stars” (which is across the lot from them)? Although Frog is a rapper, I feel like he could have taken a risk in his final performance. It could have benefited him more.

The Turtle was the next to perform and the song that he chose really showed off his vocal range and the power in his voice. I was in awe of his performance and felt like he really came to win. The Night Angel rounded out the performances for the night. I think she took a risk with the song she chose to sing, and it really paid off. It was a phenomenal performance!

Once the performances concluded, votes were tallied, and the fate of the masks was determined. I had hoped that Frog would get third, Turtle would get second and Night Angel would take it all, which ended up being the case.  The reveals ended up being predictable based on my inclinations from previous weeks. Frog was the first to be revealed, which was Bow Wow. The Turtle was revealed to be Jesse McCartney, which is who I thought it was. I was so excited to see Night Angel win. Not only is she the first female to win the competition, she fought for that crown and deserved it. The final reveal ended up being Kandi Burruss.

I would be interested to hear new music from Kandi Burruss and Jesse McCartney after the show has essentially been empowered as performers. I was not familiar with Kandi Burruss prior to this show, but I would check out music from her. I liked Jesse McCartney in the past and would love to see him as the comeback kid on the music scene.

Another season has come and gone and I hope that the next season will end up starting on time in the fall, but I guess COVID-19 will determine the fate of this (like it has for so many other things, unfortunately). According to what I’ve read, the CEO of Fox said it should start production in August, which would allow for the show to begin airing on time. I’ll be back at it talking about “The Masked Singer” in the fall!

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