Master of Delusion

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, delusion is defined as “something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated”. This was on full display in the interview that Axios did with President Trump this past week. Let me start by saying that Jonathan Swan, the interviewer, has the patience of a saint for conducting this in the fashion that he did while also pressing on the most important issues that the administration is facing.

This interview was another example of question dodging and touting accomplishments to boost his own ego and continue trying to prove to others that he is doing a good job. Sure, I agree that it’s okay to point out your accomplishments, but it’s important to keep it to a reasonable amount as to not make yourself look like you think you are godly. There was no discernable plan communicated throughout this interview as to how we would be moving forward to combat the coronavirus outbreak in the United States nor was there any plan of action for the upcoming election to make sure that everyone is kept safe and healthy (sure, I understand that some of this information could be classified, but if this is the case, say so).

I think that a good president partakes in self-reflection on the job that he is doing in every area, including national security, foreign policy, etc. This is not the case with this president. He thinks that he is doing such a wonderful job, even though cases are continuing to rise, and that he has provided the governors everything that was needed for the pandemic. Governors were having to bid on supplies and find supplies on their own. An example of this was Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland. He went to South Korea, his wife’s birthplace, to order numbers of tests for the citizens of his state. We are the only country that was using trash bags as Personal Protective Equipment. I don’t tend to think of myself as a big government kind of person, but where is the government to be found when millions have been sick, and hundreds of thousands have died? President Trump talked about the power of positive thinking. It makes sense that a good bill of mental health includes some level of positivity. However, it’s also important to live in the real world and solve the imperfections of this nation so that we can remain living through the principles in which this nation was founded.

There has always been a huge problem with believing factual information throughout this administration. Sure, we all know news outlets will use only certain information to fit a certain narrative (i.e. left leaning or right leaning). Trump continued to blame the “fake news” for not reporting what a great job he thinks he is doing. The fake news narrative was dumb to me before. Now I think it’s dangerous. I also get this impression that the president still thinks that this is a hoax. He continued to blame the media, stating that if someone has a runny nose, it’s considered a COVID-19 statistic. These numbers are not initially being reported by the media; they are being reported by the CDC and each state’s Department of Health. It scares me when our leaders don’t believe in scientific fact and continue to put the lives of Americans in jeopardy.

Sure, I will give credit where credit is due on certain things that this administration has done right (i.e. toughness on China (except now), criminal justice reform, assassinations of Qasem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi). What I cannot get on board with is the constant blaming of others, blatant disregard of facts, and the constant need for ego stroking. It’s also the spreading of misinformation that creates two different worlds in this country. While it may be freedom of speech to say these things, it’s incredibly irresponsible as the leader of the free world, especially during a pandemic. We have lives to save and lives to get back to normal, not egos to stroke and false senses of reality.

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