America’s Fun Aunt is Biden’s Vice Presidential Pick

Maya Rudolph will have some work at the beginning of this upcoming season on Saturday Night Live. Joe Biden’s campaign announced yesterday that Kamala Harris would be his running mate as the Vice-Presidential candidate, fulfilling all the checkboxes he promised he would make for this pick.

Kamala Harris: Maya Rudolph's top 'SNL' impressions of Biden's VP pick
Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris

I’m happy that Harris was picked as his running mate and thought it was a good strategic move on the part of the Biden campaign, but I’m also not surprised. Several other Vice-Presidential picks were being discussed along with Kamala Harris, including Susan Rice, Karen Bass, Elizabeth Warren, and Tammy Duckworth. Sure, Tammy Duckworth could have also been a formidable candidate, but I feel like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden combined probably have the better chance to beat Trump in the general election as opposed to any of the other potential picks. She may also energize some voters that didn’t vote in the previous election to vote in this upcoming election (whether it be mail-in ballots or booths, but that’s a whole other discussion), especially those that are needed to win the presidency. I always thought Kamala Harris would be involved in a potential Biden Administration anyway, specifically as Attorney General (she has previous experience as Attorney General in California), but Vice-President is a definite step up for her.

Biden picking Kamala Harris seems reminiscent of the Obama/Biden years as well. I do remember that Kamala and Joe (yes, I sound like I’m on a first name basis with them) had a rough debate, specifically with their heated discussion on Biden voting against desegregation of buses in the 1960s (“that little girl was me”). However, politics is politics; it doesn’t have to be taken so personally. Some news outlets are making a big deal about that moment, but it happened and now they’re friends and hopefully co-workers. Get over it. Obama and Biden had their differences when they ran for president in 2008, and now there are memes on the internet about their bromance.

There have been several observations by the right that she leans too far-left, which I think are slightly ridiculous. I think she is about as moderate as Joe Biden, but I definitely don’t think she is a Bernie Sanders or AOC, who are Democratic Socialists. Her record tends to lean more liberal, but she’s also a Democrat. The terms are synonymous, people.

I may not agree with most of her political positions, but I admire the accomplishments that she has made throughout her career. I have no qualms that she would be able to help Biden with landmark policy promises while also standing her ground and doing what’s best for the American people. The possibility of a potential female Vice President of color would be an unprecedented and refreshing thing, especially in these times.

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