Does a Biden Endorsement by a Senior Trump Administration Official Mean Trouble for the Trump Administration and His Re-Election?

Miles Taylor is a former Chief of Staff for the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump Administration. He has spoken out against his former employer and has decided to endorse Joe Biden for president. Taylor, who was with the DHS for 2 years, said that President Trump was trying to exploit the department in various ways. This includes asking for the implementation of the family separation policy, which Trump thought would be to make a point for families not to come into the United States in the first place, and the request for FEMA to withhold funds for those that were affected by the 2018 California wildfires since it angered him that California did not support him. Taylor has also said that the president had “unethical and illegal requests” and it felt like those working for the DHS were playing “whack-a-mole” with various requests he had. He also cautioned the Trump Administration and Campaign that more former senior officials will speak out against the president in the next couple of months leading up to the election. The White House has of course condemned Taylor’s comments saying that he is just someone from the “DC swamp looking to cash in”.

I heard about this through ABC News (link below) and if everything he is saying is true, I’m certainly not surprised at all. Sometimes, it’s important to take stories like this with a grain of salt. I never agreed with the family separation policy and thought this policy was abhorrent and not something that should be happening in the America that I know and love. I also wouldn’t be surprised that Trump requested that funds be withheld by FEMA as he has always acted childish and conniving if someone does not support him. It’s understandable why Taylor, a lifelong Republican, would break rank with his party and endorse the other side. It can be terrifying when your boss doesn’t understand the rule of law and doesn’t think of the fact that the actions taken by his administration can have an adverse effect of the lives of human beings. Or he just doesn’t care.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that more former Trump Administration officials will speak out against the President before the election. It was gutsy for Taylor to speak out in the first place, but I think many will keep their opinions to themselves if they don’t have anything nice to say about the president (remember the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”?). It could cause them damage professionally and personally and it may not be worth it to them. I also think that there are many that will stay in lockstep with the president and follow him and the White House’s words. He has plenty of supporters that will say that this is “fake news” and that he is just a “disgruntled employee”. There are different factions of the Republican party, one of which that doesn’t support the president (check out The Lincoln Project as one of the examples of this). Doesn’t it make more sense to just respect someone else’s point of view (this opinion also applies to the Democratic Party).

Now who knows what this means for the general election? Clearly, I’m not a fan of this president, but I don’t want to operate with blinders and say that he will lose the election just because of his actions and the polling. The 2016 election has shown us that polls don’t matter and that the American people’s voices are more important than ever. No one knows what will be happening with voting booths, mail-in voting, etc. in November. What I will highly encourage all of you to do is vote, no matter what your political affiliation or leanings. Your voice can have an impact on how you want the next 4, 8 or 12 years to go.


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