The Simpsons Get Political

The Simpsons is one of the most popular shows on the planet and has been part of the pop culture zeitgeist for a while. The show has done parodies of multiple pop culture and political figures, including our current president, and has even been credited with predicting that he would become president. One of his campaign advisors, Jenna Ellis, likened Kamala Harris to Marge Simpson. This prompted the show to respond to the comparison on Twitter (you can also find this on YouTube; I posted the link below). Marge (voiced by Julie Kavner) said that she felt like a disrespected suburban housewife, which was in response to a tweet by President Trump, stating that he had the votes of suburban housewives (don’t you love the generalities?). She also said that she was withholding the opportunity to say that she was “pissed off because she didn’t want to get bleeped”. Ellis countered the show by saying that Marge Simpson would be “voting Democrat…by mail”. Some Trump supporters were not happy either and thought that the show should be canceled, excusing it to the fact that the “show isn’t good anymore”.

I don’t think it was worth the time or energy of The Simpsons to respond to the Trump campaign in the first place. This cartoon is for a more mature audience, but that doesn’t mean that the show’s creators needed to stoop to the childish level of the Trump campaign. I’m disappointed that it seems like “when they go low, we go lower”. Also, what Jenna Ellis failed to realize is that MARGE SIMPSON IS A CARTOON CHARACTER AND CAN’T VOTE…AT ALL! If you want to talk about voter fraud, just look at the fact that you are responding to a fictional character. Has a ballot been sent to 742 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield, USA? It’s also interesting that some of the Trump supporters are calling for the show to be canceled because of the response to the campaign adviser. It seems a little hypocritical since cancel culture is considered a farse to mostly those on the right.

This goes to show that everything nowadays can be politicized one way or another and how sickening it can be. I never thought of The Simpsons as being a left or right leaning family; they were just an average family in an average suburb trying to get through life. I swear my coffee order at Starbucks could eventually politicized and not only would my name be written on the cup, but my political leanings. Jeez. Can’t we let some things be what they are without having politicization? Let me watch The Simpsons and drink my chai tea latte in peace.

(Video courtesy of The Simpsons YouTube channel)

(Picture courtesy of Inside EVs)

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