Another Trump Swamp Creature Arrested

Steve Bannon, also known as one of the swampiest swamp creatures to be a part of the Trump campaign in 2016 and subsequently the Trump Administration (possibly one of the swampiest to ever have a presence in DC), was arrested yesterday on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering along with one of his associates, Brian Kolfage. Bannon and Kolfage was accused of allegedly defrauding numerous donors of the “We Build the Wall” campaign out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, taking some of that money to cover his own personal expenses and using the non-profit (which was eventually established) to hide payments by using fake invoices and fake “vendor” arrangements. The “We Build the Wall” campaign was established to focus on building a border wall along with the Southern United States border and manage the support operations of the construction of the wall. Links are listed below for more information.

A couple of thoughts came to mind once I heard this news. One of the first thoughts was that karma is a real b****. Steve Bannon has this personality as if nothing can touch him; it’s as if he thinks he is invincible and above the law (sound familiar?). The arrest is an example of how not one person in this country is above the law. Of course, as of today, he has pled not guilty…shocker. I think there may be a possibility of President Trump pardoning him. God forbid people experience consequences to their actions, especially when they are illegal. I’m sure that there are some that will say that his arrest is an “inside job” or is politically motivated. President Trump has never supported the “We Build the Wall” campaign even though his son has (Donald Trump Jr.), but they have both spoken out about the arrest, saying that the arrest was justified. We’ll see how long their opinions lasts…

It’s important to note that Bannon is one of those people that has this distinct way in which he has been able to orchestrate campaigns and causes by establishing a populist movement and using fear to get people on board. I can’t get on board with this way of politicking. Sure, the thought of limited government and strong national security are not bad ideological beliefs to have. It’s the other-ism, blaming others and support for candidates with questionable morals that I can’t get on board. It’s not a question of ideologue, but a question of whether a moral compass exists that has been pushed by someone like him. Bernie Sanders has a distinct way of doing this on the left as well. Let’s hope that we can move past this.


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