The Masked Singer: Season 4 Premiere-Masks and Talent We Can Get on Board With

The Masked Singer’s 4th season premiered this past Wednesday starting with 5 new performers in Group A. The show introduced several changes that included the lack of an audience, new judges’ table, voting structure, and new graphics for the clues. It also introduced the judges’ first impression guesses and the Golden Ear Trophy for the judge who guesses the most masked performers correctly throughout the season, which I’m still trying to figure out if I like or not. I think it’s cool that the judges compete against one another, but it seems a little corny.

The talent in this group was mind blowing. I really wish that all of the performers could have been

pushed through to the next round, but sadly one had to go. The performances are listed below along with my thoughts on the performance, my guess and the judges’ guesses:


Song: “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo

Thoughts: Wow! That is the right way to start out a show. The Sun’s vocals were insane and I would not be surprised if this performer ended up in the finals.

My Guess: This could be several people and I was at a loss of who this could be. The clues included Gold Member, the globe and trees going into the shape of Mickey Mouse and someone who was burned out in her career. The voice sounds like LeAnn Rimes, but I’m not so sure given the clues. I need more to make a better guess.

Judges’ Guesses: Nicole said that this could be Katherine McPhee and I do agree that this could be the case too. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg said it was Demi Lovato; I think Demi is too busy to do the show, even during quarantine.


Song: “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas

Thoughts: I wasn’t super impressed by this performance. I wish that this person would have used a song in which we could hear his vocal range.

My Guess: I honestly have no idea. He stated that he had ups and downs in his career, was in music, and was the butt of everyone’s joke. One person that came to mind is Leif Garrett, but I think that’s too out there.

Judges’ Guesses: Robin guessed that this could be Vanilla Ice, which is not a bad guess. Ken’s guess was too far out with Garth Brooks; it could be him, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Song: “What About Us?” by Pink

Thoughts: I thought that this was a good performance. I wasn’t expecting this kind of voice and was pleasantly surprised.

My Guess: My first thought based on the clue that she has focused her career on love is that she could be the Millionaire Matchmaker. There was also a clue about her potentially being a movie star, but I’m not sure if this is a red herring to throw the audience off. This is another one that has stumped me and I need to see more clues to make a solid guess.

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny guessed that this is Tina Turner. One of the other judges guessed Tina Turner last season and like I said before, she doesn’t even live in the United States so I’m not sure how she would get clearance to do this show given the travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Ken’s guess was Carole Baskin, which isn’t completely out there, but probably not it. Nicole said that this could Mary J. Blige and that could also be the case.


Song: “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J

Thoughts: If there was an audience this season, the Dragon would have gotten them so pumped up. This performer had a distinctive voice too.

My Guess: I instantly thought that was Busta Rhymes. My guess was based on just hearing the voice. No clues needed.

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny thought this was DMX, which wasn’t a bad guess. Ken said that this could be Michael Phelps and just…no. Robin and Nicole also thought that this was Busta Rhymes.

Snow Owls

Song: “Say Something” by Great Big World

Thoughts: This was a solid performance. I thought it was a creative idea to have two performers as a masked character.

My Guess: I think that this could Derek and Julianne Hough. The clue package made it seem like they are brother and sister, not husband and wife. The male’s voice, as I stated earlier, sounds like Derek Hough singing. Of course, process of elimination and common sense tell you that his sister is Julianne Hough. Sure, he may be judging Dancing with the Stars this season, but keep in mind Fox is under the Disney umbrella now.

Judges’ Guesses: Robin guessed Amy Grant and Vince Gill, which I’m not so sure about. Jenny said that this is Marie and Donny Osmond and this sounds farfetched to me, considering that Donny Osmond was the runner-up on season 1. Ken’s guess was Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy and although they are not brother and sister, it’s not a bad guess.

Unfortunately, the Dragon got the least amount of votes and was sent home. I don’t think he should have been eliminated so early. The Giraffe’s performance was worse than the Dragon’s and I think the Dragon had more in him to give the home audience this season. Two of the judges’ first impressions (Nicole and Robin) were Busta Rhymes, while Ken’s 1st impression was Marshawn Lynch and Jenny’s 1st impression was Adrian Peterson. Nicole, Robin and myself guessed correctly that the Dragon was Busta Rhymes.

Group B begins next week with a whole new group of masks in Baby Alien, Crocodile, Gremlin, Seahorse, Serpent, and Whatchamacallit. Wonder if this group will contain as much talent as Group A? We will have to wait and see.

(Pictures Courtesy of Fox)

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