Insults, Interruptions and Incompetence: First 2020 Presidential Debate

I wish I could have gotten the hour and a half back of my life that I dedicated to watching this debate. It was the battle of the geriatrics with the bull in the china shop and his ineffective tamers. Chris Wallace was given the uncomfortable task of trying to keep the president and former vice president under control with no avail. There wasn’t a clear winner or loser to this debate, but instead the American people feeling as if we are in a political clusterf***.

The debate started out with questions about the Supreme Court. We somehow ended up talking about the Affordable Care Act and other topics that seemed unrelated to the question at hand. It all went downhill from here as Trump berated Biden with insults and started to get personal with attacks on his son, Hunter, how “far left” he thinks Biden is (in Biden’s defense, he has never said he is a Democratic Socialist or identifies in any way with the far left wing of the Democratic party), and how his political career has done more harm than good to Americans. I commend Biden for at least talking to the American people about plans he has to improve American lives, but he stumbled upon his words, seemed slightly intimidated by Trump, and needed to find the fire that Trump kept throwing at him to look like a stronger candidate. Trump would have been more effective in the debate if he would have given clear cut plans as to how he is going to move the country forward in his second term if he ends up being re-elected. The insults get lost on most American people and he just sounds like a drunk uncle pontificating about what’s wrong with the world and how great he thinks he is without any discernable plans. Also, it’s concerning when you can’t denounce what is essentially a domestic terror organization and tell them to “stand by”. How about just stand back, Mr. Trump?

I thought Chris Wallace was doing a good job in the beginning in trying to tame the beast that is our president, but as the debate moved forward, he lost control of the interruptions and the men in general. I think he did his best given the situation he was put into as the moderator, but it would have made more sense if he got angrier with Trump and gave him a taste of his own medicine. Trump had way too much control in the debate, which made Chris Wallace look slightly weak. This is a shame considering that Chris Wallace is a renowned and respected journalist. I have been seeing multiple posts from right-leaning social media accounts that Chris Wallace was trying to help Biden in the debate. This is ridiculous and untrue. When a man-child looks like an asshole and can’t follow the rules that his campaign agreed to, it makes sense to put him in his place and keep order between the two candidates.

I’m sure most of the political analysts from all networks were stunned after the debates. I imagine their face looked something like this:

I watched the debate on ABC and George Stephanopoulos called this debate “a disgrace, one of the worst presidential debates in history, and an insult to our democracy”. I can’t say I’m surprised that the debate went this way, but I feel bad for those that attempted to watch it or watched the entire debate. We didn’t learn anything about what candidates will do to better our lives and maintain the American way. Again, not one candidate looked better than the other and confirmed what their supporters already knew. If you are a Trump supporter, you think he did a great job. If you support Biden, you thought he did a decent job.

This debate goes to show how much of a distrust the American people have in their government and elected leaders. There is a problem with our debates and electoral process when the last two elections’ choices are not the favorite of anyone and people have to bite the bullet on voting for someone that they’re not enthusiastic about by any means. It may be time to start including third party candidates, including the Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins in addition to others on a third party ticket,­ in the debates to shake them up and give the American people other choices.

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