The Masked Singer: Group B-I Know That Voice, But Who Is It?

Group B debuted on this week’s episode of The Masked Singer packed full of talent. I spent the entire episode saying, “I’ve heard that voice before, but I can’t figure out who it is.” This group gave Group A and any future groups a run for their money. Ken even wasn’t too farfetched with his guesses. The end of the episode saw a shocking elimination, but not in the way you may have expected. Below are the performances from this episode:


Song: “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi

Thoughts: I thought upon entering the stage, the Crocodile looked like a pimp. However, his performance was solid. I wouldn’t say that the Crocodile would make it to the finals, but he was good.

My Guess: The Crocodile mentioned that he is good in water and the clues alluded to the fact that he was a child star or a child of a Hollywood star that has experienced some hardships. This could be Nick Carter or Aaron Carter, given their family history and hardships. The voice initially sounded like Jesse McCartney, but he competed last season, so there is no way that it is him.

Judges’ Guesses: Ken guessed that this could be Jon Hamm, which is a farfetched answer. Nicole said that this could be Nick Lachey, which isn’t a bad guess. Robin said it could be Donnie Wahlberg. If it was Donnie Wahlberg, wouldn’t Jenny McCarthy know about it since they have stuck in the same house for the last umpteenth amount of months?

Baby Alien

Song: “Faith” by George Michael

Thoughts: This mask is weird, but funny and kind of cute. I thought his performance was good as well.

My Guess: The clue package showed that he had a rebirth, he was the cream of the crop circle, and was in all movies back in the day. My first guess was Haley Joel Osmont, but it’s a shot in the dark. I thought he was in the movie Signs, which featured crop circles, but later found out he wasn’t in the movie at all. I wonder if this person is a puppeteer considering that he must be able to control the mouth and arms, and based on that, it could be someone like Jeff Dunham.

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny guessed that the Baby Alien could be Ralph Macchio, which could be the case. Nicole said that this could be David Schwimmer based on the clues that alluded to the fact that this person could have been on “Friends”. Ken said that this could be Freddie Prinze Jr. and I could also see this.


Song: “Only Girl (In The World)” by Rihanna

Thoughts: The Seahorse had a great voice and I could see her being in the finals easily.

My Guess: The clue package had showed that she was in the OK Corral and has been trapped by insecurity in her past. There was a hog with warts, which could mean that she was in the Harry Potter movies. I honestly have no idea who this could be. The first guess I had was Kesha, but I don’t think any of the clues relate to her.

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny guessed that this could be Halsey, but I’m not sure she would do the show. Nicole guessed Hailee Steinfeld and I’m not so sure this could be her either. Robin said that this could be Bebe Rexha, who sounds nothing like this singer.


Song: “I Wish” by Skee-Lo

Thoughts: Holy hair, Batman! I was a little disappointed by the performance. I thought that the voice would be better.

My Guess: My initial thought was Lance Bass since it sounded like the clue package showed that he was part of a boy band and he was riding a rainbow, which could mean this person is part of the LGBTQ community. However, this could be a red herring and it could be someone totally different.

Judges’ Guesses: Nicole guessed that this could be Alicia Keys’ husband, Swizz Beats. Ken said that this was a basketball player on the Portland Trailblazers, Dave Lillard. Robin said that this could be Tyler the Creator.


Song: “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by the Proclaimers

Thoughts: This was one of the coolest costumes and masks I’ve ever seen on the show. The tentacles in the back moved! This person was a crooner and has a strong voice. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this person is and would like to see him in the finals. He reminded me a little of the Fox from Season 2.

My Guess: I thought that this could also be someone from a boy band and Boyz II Men came to mind. I wonder if this could be Wanya Morris. Brian McKnight could also be a definite possibility.  

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny guessed John Legend, who is way too busy to do this show, despite being in quarantine. Ken guessed Daveed Diggs and Nicole guessed Leslie Odom Jr., both of whom I’m not familiar with.


Song: “Stand by Me” by Ben King

Thoughts: This mask was cute, but creepy. His voice was raspy, but the performance was okay. He sounded a little bit like Louis Armstrong or Tony Bennett. I’ve seen better on the show, but I’ve seen worse.

My Guess: My initial guess was that this could be Dustin Diamond based on the clue that he has been combative and has had a checkered history.

Judges’ Guesses: Robin guessed that this could be Jerry Lee Lewis. Jenny said Mickey Rourke and Ken said Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Once the Gremlin was done performing and the judges gave their guesses, the Gremlin wanted to take off his mask without a vote even being cast. This ended up being Mickey Rourke, who has been one of the most famous contestants that they’ve had on the show at this point. I think that the Gremlin would have been eliminated anyway if he hadn’t quit. I do wonder if Mickey Rourke was drunk and/or didn’t want to do the show. He said he only saw four episodes of the show before he signed on to do it. Either way, it was one of the craziest moments I’ve seen on this show thus far.

Group A Playoffs are next week and I’m excited to see more from this group. Let the sunshine in, the popcorn keep it popping, and the snow owls hoot their way to the next round.

(Picture courtesy of Fox)

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