2020 is Hindsight

The news cycle over the last couple of days has been peak 2020 and we still have about 2 ½ months left. Of course, the news story dominating the headlines within the last couple of days has been the COVID-19 diagnosis of President Trump. I heard about this news upon waking up on Friday morning and unfortunately, it didn’t surprise me. However, I felt for the president. It’s hard not to acknowledge that he rarely wore masks and has downplayed the virus throughout the pandemic. It’s okay to have sympathy for him, the First Lady, and all of the political figures that have been infected since last Saturday, but think realistically at the same time. Despite what you may believe politically, the country’s well being could be at stake.

We have never experienced something like this before, especially about a month out from the election. It’s a hell of a lot of uncertainty that could put us as a country in danger with national security and a potential Constitutional crisis. There’s also uncertainty about the president’s condition, specifically information about whether he needed oxygen, discharge information, diagnosis period, etc. This should also piss you off no matter your political beliefs. He is the president and it is our right to know his true condition. I understand that the administration may be nervous that the mainstream media may spin the story inappropriately, but remember the whole thing about government being for the people? Yeah, we should be knowing as much information as possible. Even if the president knew about his diagnosis before it was released to the press, this should also be infuriating and is hypocritical to what we’ve been told over the last seven months.

I know there are people that don’t like him and say that “Karma is a b****”. Just…stop. I’ve made it clear I’m not a fan of Trump as a president, but it’s important to show decency even if he has not shown this in the past. Get well soon, Mr. President. Your country needs you.

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