The Masked Singer: Group A Playoffs – Tall Orders to Move Forward to the Super Six

The members of Group A fought to move forward to the next round last night. This group continued to impress, and the performances seemed better than the last time we saw them. The opening of the show included the ways with which the show keeps the identities secret, and Ken Jeong trying to sneak a peek via drone. It was a funny opening if I do say so myself. There was also a guest panelist that joined the regular four, who “dressed up” as Robin Thicke and sang a rendition of his song “Blurred Lines” that I’m sure would get him eliminated if he was actually a contestant on the show. It ended up being Joel McHale, who should really have a permanent panelist job on this show since I’ve seen him at least once a season as a guest and guesses very closely or on point to who the celebrity could be. Think about that for a minute, Fox.

Let’s get to the most important part, the performances:


Song: “Falling” by Harry Styles

Thoughts: Popcorn’s performance was a big improvement from last week and she may have solidified a place in at least the semi-finals if not the finals.

My Guess: The Popcorn mentioned that she had suffered from a severe condition and because of her voice, she survived. There was the number 16 included in her clue package as well as a Rubik’s Cube, which leads me to believe that this is someone that was at the height of their fame in the ‘80s. The drone clue was a planet that looked like Venus. I thought that this could be someone like Tiffany or Sheila E, who was at their most famous in the ‘80s.

Judges’ Guesses: Joel guessed that this could be Gloria Gaynor, which seems too obvious based on the “survive” clues. Ken guessed that this is Katy Perry, and that’s outrageous since she was pregnant at the time of filming and her costume would have been a hell of a lot bigger. Jenny guessed Vanessa Williams, which is a good guess.


Song: “Get Down on It” by Kool and the Gang

Thoughts: I was impressed that the Giraffe showed that he can sing and rap. I didn’t expect his voice to be as good as it was.

My Guess: The Giraffe said that he suffered a setback in his clue package. My initial guess based on the clues this week is that it could be Timothy Omundson from Galavant, Psych, Supernatural, etc. He suffered a stroke that required him to have rehabilitation, which could be the setback he was alluding to.

Judges’ Guesses: Robin guessed that this could be Travis Barker, which was not a bad guess. Scott Wolf was Joel’s guess and Nicole’s (and Ken’s) guess was Shia LeBeouf.

Snow Owls

Song: “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainer (feat. John Legend)

Thoughts: The performance was okay, but I thought their debut was a lot better.  

My Guess: The clues mentioned that they’ve always had each other’s back, which could confirm that they are in fact brother and sister. However, when the Snow Owls were singing, I thought they could be country singers and could possibly be Amy Grant and Vince Gill, which were previous guesses by the judges. If they are in fact brother and sister and not husband and wife, I stand by my answer of Derek Hough and Julianne Hough.

Judges’ Guesses: Ken guessed that this is Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams, which is such a stupid answer. Joel’s answer was Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, which is a good guess and I think is close. Nicole said that this was Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, but I thought Nicole Kidman has a softer voice from what I remember in Moulin Rouge. Either way, I don’t remember her voice sounding like that in the movie.


Song: “Praying” by Kesha

Thoughts: The Sun solidified herself as one of the frontrunners of this competition. Her voice was just…wow! 

My Guess: She mentioned in the clue package that she came from a broken home and missed out on her childhood. She also mentioned that she had ugly rumors appear in her career. I think that this is LeAnn Rimes based on the voice and the fact that she was a child star, being discovered when she was just 11 years old.

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny guessed Mandy Moore, which to me sounds nothing like the Sun. Robin said that this could be Katherine McPhee, which is a good guess and would be my second guess if it isn’t LeAnn Rimes. Nicole guessed Carrie Underwood, which isn’t a good answer since I’m sure she has so much to do even in quarantine, lockdown, etc.

The end of the show saw the Giraffe being eliminated. I was not surprised it was him. I thought it would be between the Giraffe and the Snow Owls to be the next to go. The panel gave their guesses, which included Ken’s guess as, Nicole’s guess as Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Joel’s guess was Jason Priestley, and Jenny and Robin’s guess as Travis Barker. None of the panelists were correct; it was Brian Austin Green. I was shocked when I saw it was him. I didn’t know he could sing or rap and I don’t think I would have ever guessed anything close to him (good job Joel for guessing someone close to him).

Group B will fight their way to the next round with another contestant being unmasked. Whether this is the Whatchamacallit, Baby Alien, or a more shocking elimination, I will be tuning in.

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