A Message for Election Day 2020

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for, whether it’s been for the last four years or the last four months. There are many people that have cast their ballot already via mail-in or absentee ballot, but for those that have decided to vote at the polls, today is the day to exercise your most important right as an American citizen. I know there are some people that don’t want to vote this year because the choices seem dismal. However, it is so important to remember that today gives us the opportunity to show that our government is by the people. It is our chance to hold our elected officials to task; if you are unhappy with the job they have been doing, vote them out. If you are happy with the job they have been doing during their term, vote them back in and let them continue advocating for you.

The only thing I ask this Election Day is please be civil. Political division, identity politics and “staying in your lane” have been so apparent in the last four years. It is important to understand that despite the fear of election meddling and election security concerns, we have the voice and power to choose who we want to represent us. If the candidates you chose don’t end up winning, it’s okay to speak out since our first amendment right is the most critical to our democracy. However, please don’t go out on the streets and burn innocent people’s businesses and your town, city or village to the ground. It makes you look stupid and just gives more fuel to the other side’s fire, thus causing more strife.

I also implore the media, no matter whether it is the left leaning or right leaning network, to take it in stride if the candidate that you give positive coverage to ends up losing. We all know it was more of an underlying thing prior to Trump for networks to boost up the candidate or elected official with which their political leanings agreed, but it is more apparent in the age of Trump since he has brought this to the forefront of our media discussions. Please do not make it seem like it is the end of the world if your candidate loses. There has been enough media coverage over the last eight months or so, saying how we are all pretty much screwed and the other side’s view of the coronavirus and the pandemic is wrong. Please report the facts and keep the damning conspiracy theories to yourself. Period. Let the American people decide in peace without fear of judgement.

Think of this election as a new start for all of us, no matter whom you choose. Whether Donald Trump, Joe Biden or the third-party candidate is elected, it’s not the end of our days. The elected official that holds the office of the presidency is temporary, but the values with which our founders put in place are forever. America, our right to vote and freedom are forever.  

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