What a Freaking Weekend

This past weekend was one with a big high and then a big low for some or a big low and an even bigger low for others. We found out who has been projected to be elected and will be sitting in the most important office in the land for the next four years on Saturday and found out that one of the most beloved people in pop culture lost their battle with cancer on Sunday. Some would say this weekend has been a whirlwind. Others say that it couldn’t have gotten any worse.

Last week seemed like it was never ending news coverage about the election results with journalists and analysts working around the clock, waiting for one of the candidates to get to at least 270 to clench the presidency. Let me tell you, I commend those that were pretty much awake for five days, giving us updates on the race and the vote count in battleground states. It was approximately 11:30 AM ET on Saturday that I started to receive alerts on my phone that Joe Biden was projected to be the winner of the race for the President of the United States. It was some time on Wednesday or Thursday (the days started meshing together last week), even before Joe Biden was declared the winner, that President Trump and his campaign started to see the writing on the wall and decided to wage wars on those counting the mail-in and absentee ballots by filing lawsuits and demanding recounts in many of the battleground states in which he was losing, citing that those from his campaign were not able to see the ballots being counted, that the mail-in ballots are fake, and that there is a ton of voter fraud in this election. I’m not sure how the process is typically supposed to go, but shouldn’t we have independent monitors making sure that ballots are being counted correctly? Just a thought. In addition, there was a large increase of requests for mail-in ballots this year because of the pandemic, which is something that you failed to keep under control over the last year, Mr. President. There are some ballots that are fake, I’m sure, but there’s the implication from the Trump campaign that anyone who didn’t vote for him is a fraud. Of course, we have to listen to those in an alternate reality and live in the world of generalizations.

While I’m not surprised that President Trump is taking a loss like a man child, it upsets and angers me that he is saying that he wants to use the institutions of this great nation to wage war on our democracy. What’s worse is that there is a group of people that support this behavior. The group that monopolizes on being bigger patriots than you and telling the opposition that they can leave the country if they don’t like this president should be ashamed of themselves. You had your chance four years ago to celebrate the election of your candidate. The people have spoken and have decided they didn’t want four more years of him. Don’t make this a bigger deal like the opposition party did four years ago. No one wins if this is the way you act, no matter what party it is.

It’s difficult to transition from one of the most disliked people on planet Earth to one of the most revered people in pop culture. I’m still heartbroken that Alex Trebek lost his battle with pancreatic cancer early Sunday morning. 2020 really knows how to kick you when you’re down. His tenure of Jeopardy! was legendary and this is an understatement. I remember as a kid and an adult turning Jeopardy! on at 7:00 pm ET. It’s almost like a routine thing in my household. He transformed an unsuccessful show in the 1960s to one of the most well-known game shows in history. I reviewed his book last summer (Book Review: The Answer Is…Alex Trebek) and one of my takeaways was that time is fleeting and we need to take advantage of the time we have left, especially in these times. I was also surprised by his humility. I saw him in a different light. Alex Trebek never let his success get to his head.

Again, it’s difficult and a little strange to talk about Alex Trebek and the election in the same post, but there is a weird connection here. It’s important to stay humble. Enjoy the win for the guy you voted for; take it in stride that the guy you voted for lost. Most importantly, live like Alex Trebek did, with strength and purpose. Let his legacy live on.

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