The Masked Singer: Group C Finals – Veggie on Veggie Crime and Oh Yeah, There Was a Jellyfish

The members of Group C fought their way into the Super Six on this week’s episode of The Masked Singer with some mesmerizing performances. I was surprised at how good each of the performers were since this group has been a little bit of a wild card. Each of the performers were in the opening of the show where they were “eating their kind” (broccoli, mushroom, and jelly), which I thought was amusing. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Jay Pharoah as a guest judge. His impressions are always on point, especially when he played Barack Obama while he was on Saturday Night Live. Speaking of players, let’s get to the members of Group C:


Song: “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa

Thoughts: I thought the performance was good and thought it was worthy enough to get her into the Super Six.

My Guess: There was a golden stapler in the clue package while her accountant sister talked about her being the rebel in the by-the-book family. I’m not sure why, but Janel Parrish of Pretty Little Liars fame came to mind. I highly doubt it’s her, though. Social media seems to think that this is a gymnast, but I’m not convinced.

Judges’ Guesses: Nicole said that this could be Charli XCX. Jay said Kylie Jenner, which isn’t so farfetched, but probably not the case. Jenny said that this could be gymnast McKayla Maroney.


Song: “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry

Thoughts: Mushroom seems to surprise me each week. There is something different that you get from him and it’s refreshing to see.

My Guess: I’m still on the fence of whether this is Jonathan Bennett. The clues this week are not confirming anything to make me believe that it’s him, which include a baby doll, a boxing ring, and the fact that he was class president and maintained a 4.0 (nothing that would be relevant to his role in Mean Girls). He also mentioned that he changed his name recently, which made me think that this person could be transgender, but who knows? Other guesses that I have for Mushroom are Jordan Fisher and Billy Eichner.   

Judges’ Guesses: Robin said that this could be Jaden Smith, Nicole said Taye Diggs and Ken said this could be The Weeknd. I’m not convinced that any of them are Mushroom.


Song: “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” by Bob Segar

Thoughts: This was an okay performance. It was better than what I’ve heard from him.

My Guess: The clue package contained a dice and alluded to the fact that this person has had “women fawning over him”. There was another clue after he performed in which he said he is older than the microwave, which was invented in 1946, and confirms the fact that this person is older (I could tell based on the singing voice). Something is telling me this could be Wayne Newton.

Judges’ Guesses: Jay said that this is Al Roker (yeah right), Ken said that this is Ringo Starr (not a chance), and Robin said this is Paul Anka (not familiar with him).

The Smackdown was one of the most entertaining that I’ve seen on the show, despite the fact there wasn’t an audience. The Broccoli’s performance was one of the best that I’ve seen from him all season. The Mushroom’s performance gave me goosebumps because of the song and his singing voice.

Unfortunately, Broccoli went bad and didn’t continue to the Super Six. Again, I wasn’t surprised that he ended up being eliminated and would have been more surprised if Mushroom or Jellyfish didn’t make it. The first impression guesses from the judges are as follows: Ken said this is Martin Short, Nicole said Bill Murray, Jenny said this is Jerry Springer, and Robin said Bob Newhart. They all changed their answers to the following: Nicole said this was Wayne Newton, Ken said this is Ringo Starr, Robin said this is Paul Anka, Jenny said this is Neil Sedaka (who?), and Jay said this is Paul Simon. Robin was correct and used that Canadian energy via his father to figure out that this is Paul Anka. I’m not familiar with his career but know his name from the bits and pieces of Gilmore Girls that I’ve seen (I believe that Lorelei has a dog named Paul Anka).

We are finally at the Super Six and getting closer to the finale. I’m going to be bummed up until the finale since the talent in this upcoming group is so good. I’m excited to see the finale of this season since this has been a season like never before. Unprecedented could mean unbelievable for this finale!

(Pictures courtesy of Fox)

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