The Masked Singer: Season 4 Semi-Finals-What’s Half of Six Again?

The Super Six were divided in half during the semi-finals on The Masked Singer. They performed “Take on Me” by a-Ha and there were clues next to each of the contestants. I didn’t get anything from these clues. I did guess who the guest judge is though, who ended up being Craig Robinson. I will be honest; I thought it was T-Pain for a second, but the hair changed my mind. I really liked Craig Robinson as a judge since he has had some experience in music prior to becoming an actor (he was a music teacher). The show set up face-offs in three pairs with the loser being eliminated. I wasn’t sure how the show was going to pull off a triple elimination this week, but now this format makes more sense. I will lay out the pairs below with my thoughts, who the winner was, and my thoughts on that as well:

Seahorse vs. Crocodile


Song: “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars             

Thoughts: I thought the first half of the performance was okay. I’m not sure whether Seahorse found her spark in the second half, but the rest of it was fire.  

My Guess: I still didn’t know. The telescope clue and the fact that she was connected to Nick, specifically with him being a host to her, didn’t point me in any direction whatsoever.

Judges’ Guesses: Robin guessed Tori Kelly, Jenny guessed Kesha, and Craig guessed Sia. Sure.


Song: “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith

Thoughts: I thought this was his best performance. Crocodile was not my favorite before but has really proven himself as a contender.

My Guess: I’m still on the Nick Carter train. I didn’t get how the pizza rat related to him, but the fact that he was connected to Craig (they shared the screen) reaffirms this. As I said before, Backstreet Boys were in This is the End, a cult classic according to his clues, and this was a movie in which Craig Robinson also appeared.

Judges’ Guesses: Craig said this is AJ McLean, Ken said this is Nick Lachey, and Jenny said this is Nick Carter.

Winner: Crocodile

I was disappointed to see Seahorse lose the face-off, but Crocodile was a force to be reckoned with during his performance. I’m satisfied to see him in the finals.

Mushroom vs. Jellyfish


Song: “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse

Thoughts: Mushroom continues to amaze me weekly. He is a multi-faceted performer with a wide range.

My Guess: I think that this is either Jordan Fisher or Aloe Blacc. I read an article last week that alluded to Mushroom being Aloe Blacc instead of Jordan Fisher, but honestly, Mushroom sounds like either of them. I’m still stuck on the “North Spore High School” clues though so it could also be Jonathan Bennett. I think the Jonathan Bennett guess is fleeting.

Judges’ Guesses: Robin said that this is Jaden Smith, Nicole said this is Jordan Fisher, Craig said this is Leslie Odom, Jr., and Ken said this is Keegan Michael Key.


Song: “Stay” by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko

Thoughts: I thought it was a good performance, but maybe not her best. There wasn’t anything about her performance that was special to me.

My Guess: I honestly have no idea. The clues have confused the hell out of me all season with her and I can’t put my finger on who she is.

Judges’ Guesses: Ken said this is Chloe Kim, Nicole said this is Grimes, and Robin said this is Gabby Douglas.

Winner: Mushroom

I would not have been happy if Mushroom were eliminated, so I thought this was the right decision by the viewers for him to move to the finals.

Sun vs. Popcorn


Song: “Better Be Good to Me” by Tina Turner

Thoughts: I thought it was a good performance. You could tell that Popcorn was leaving it all on the floor.

My Guess: The “Stop” sign made me think that Popcorn could be Mary Wilson or someone from the Supremes. She also alluded to the fact that she was a seasoned performer, so she’s older. Popcorn said that she was connected to Jenny too and has talked to her about her book, but this could really be anyone since Jenny has her radio show on SiriusXM and talks to a plethora of people.  

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny said that this could either Mary Wilson or Taylor Dayne. Robin said this could be Bette Midler and Craig said this is Mary Wilson.


Song: “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish

Thoughts: I had chills while she was performing. The performance was so simple, but so powerful. I do not blame the judges of being in tears.

My Guess: I’m still thinking that this could LeAnn Rimes based on the clues from previous weeks. The firebreather clue didn’t help me in any way to confirm this. Also, the fact that she was connected with Nicole didn’t point me in any direction either. Like Nicole said, she could have been anyone since I’m sure Nicole meets tons of people in the bathroom.

Judges’ Guesses: Nicole said this is LeAnn Rimes, Ken said this is Kate Hudson, and Craig said this is Emilia Clarke.

Winner: Sun

We would have had some serious issues if Sun did not win that round. I knew before they started performing that Sun was the more superior of the singers and if the viewers couldn’t have seen that I might not have watched the show further.



Everyone’s first impression guesses said that this was Tina Turner, except for Nicole. Nicole said this was Diana Ross. Nicole and Jenny changed their answers said this is Taylor Dayne, while Ken and Robin stuck with Tina Turner. Craig agreed with Nicole and Jenny.

Popcorn was revealed to be…Taylor Dayne. It does make sense that it was her after seeing the clues, but I’m not super familiar with her career.


The first impression guesses from the judges were all over the place: Robin said this is Addison Rae, Jenny said this is Daisy Ridley, Ken said this is Yara Shahidi, and Nicole said this is Sofia Ritchie. Most of the judges changed their answers to athletes, while Nicole stuck with a musician. They are as follows: Robin guessed Gabby Douglas, Jenny guessed McKayla Maroney, Ken said Chloe Kim, Nicole said Grimes, and Craig said Chloe Kim.

Jellyfish was revealed to be…Chloe Kim. Again, I’m not familiar with her career, so none of the clues would have pointed me in the direction of her.


The first impression guesses for Seahorse were as follows: Robin said this was JoJo, Jenny said Halsey, Ken said this is Fergie, and Nicole said it was Maren Morris. Jenny stuck with Halsey as her guess, but Robin, Nicole and Craig guessed that she was Tori Kelly. Ken said this is Christina Aguilera…yeah right.

Seahorse was…Tori Kelly! I’m familiar with her career to a certain extent, but not to the point I am with Nick Carter/Backstreet Boys.

The finale is in two weeks, not next week. There is a sing-along next week, which I won’t be tuning into. It just sounds corny to me.  

I think that any of the final three could take home the Golden Mask. I’m personally rooting for Sun, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Mushroom took it home. I think that Crocodile is a far stretch to win, but honestly, you never know. I’m excited to see the outcome of this finale since the level of talent is lightyears above the first season of this show. It’s really a capital C competition between these three performers and will be a hard-fought battle. I can’t wait to tune in and hope you will too!

(Picture courtesy of Fox)

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