The Masked Singer: Season 4 Finale-Triple Dose of Talent, Please

The fourth season of The Masked Singer concluded last night with the final three leaving it all on the floor for the Golden Mask trophy. Full disclosure: I didn’t watch the sing-along last week since I thought it might have been a little corny, but it may have been a missed opportunity since I understand there were clues to who each of the finalists were. While I didn’t think this finale was as exciting as past seasons, the amount of talent from these finalists was eons above what the first three seasons had. The finale was two hours that had the first hour recapping the season. I thought it was cool to see all the behind-the-scenes action and the interviews with the contestants that were eliminated. I loved that the episode reviewed the clues from each person to help the viewer make sense of them (even though we found out during the episode in which they were eliminated). The finale started with new clues for each of the remaining contestants, which I will discuss below, and then dove into the performances. Let’s get to discussing them:



Song: “Open Arms” by Journey

Thoughts: I thought that this was one of the Crocodile’s strongest performances. It’s clear he is a strong and versatile vocalist.

My Guess: The new clue in the beginning of the show included two cookies that were iced black and blue. I thought this reiterated that this is Nick Carter. Black and Blue was an album by the Backstreet Boys, the band in which he is a member. As I may have said before, I was a boy band fan in the ‘90s and early ‘00s and had a crush on Nick Carter when I was a kid, so it would have been impossible not to recognize Nick Carter’s voice.


Song: “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder

Thoughts: Mushroom is such a versatile performer as well. He has shown his range of talent throughout this season, which shows how strong of a performer he is too.

My Guess: I started entertaining the idea that this could be Aloe Blacc after seeing the guess on social media. Once I did the research and listened to the voice more closely, it made sense. The cookie clue in the beginning of the show didn’t make any sense to me. Mushroom also said that he has a daughter and was dedicating the performance to her; it turns out he has a daughter, which made it more obvious that it could be him.


Song: “The Story” by Brandi Carlile

Thoughts: This was her strongest performance all season. She is clearly the strongest vocalist out of the three finalists.

My Guess: I still think that this is LeAnn Rimes. The cookie clue didn’t help, but the fact that she talked about her career starting when she was a kid (she was 14 when she won a Grammy) and the abundance of blue (her song “Blue”) in the clue package reaffirmed the fact that this could be her.

Now for the results. Third place ended up being…Crocodile! I wasn’t sure how the finals would go considering every contestant had the potential of winning the whole thing based on their talent. However, I also thought that he would more than likely get third place. He is not bad, but not at the vocal level where Mushroom and Sun lie. Guessing time! The first impression guesses of Crocodile were as follows: Robin guessed Jordan Knight, Ken guessed Bradley Cooper, Jenny guessed Nick Carter, and Nicole guessed Nick Lachey. Every panelist changed their answer except for Jenny. Ken said this was Nick Lachey, Nicole said Jordan Knight, and Robin said Howie D. Jenny remained with Nick Carter.

The Crocodile revealed himself to be…Nick Carter! I was right. I want to clarify one of my guesses on the clues, as I had the right idea, but wasn’t correct with what the clue meant. One of the clues that was shown in the last couple of weeks said that Nick Carter was in a cult classic movie, which I thought was This is the End (he appeared with his bandmates). However, I didn’t realize he was an extra in Edward Scissorhands, which is really what that clue alluded to.

The moment of truth awaits us. Who was the winner? Drumroll, please. The winner is…Sun! I was excited that she won. I would have been fine with Mushroom winning, but Sun was the most deserving. Her singing ability and talent is just worlds away from Mushroom and Crocodile.  It’s now Mushroom’s turn as the runner up to reveal himself. The first impression guesses were as follows: Robin said Billy Porter, Jenny said Maxwell, Ken said Justin Timberlake, and Nicole said this is Donald Glover. All answers changed to the following: Jenny said this is Ne-Yo, Ken said this is Pharrell, and Robin and Nicole said this is Aloe Blacc.

The Mushroom revealed himself to be…Aloe Blacc! I was right, but it took a while. I wasn’t too sure it was him and needed a little bit of social media assistance, but I eventually got to the correct answer. I haven’t heard much from him in the last couple of years and would be excited for him to release more music. Hopefully, The Masked Singer is enough of an inspiration for him to do so.

Of course, with any reality competition show, we must stall the reveal of the winner. The Golden Ear trophy was presented prior to Sun’s reveal. Jenny ended up being the winner with four correct guesses. I wasn’t surprised by any means that she won this trophy. She is a pop culture guru that knows so much about anything and everything in the entertainment industry.

Okay, now for the moment we’ve been waiting for. Sun’s first impression guesses from the panelists were as follows: Jenny said this is Demi Lovato, Robin said this is Natasha Bedingfield, Ken said this is Gwyneth Paltrow, and Nicole said this is Katherine McPhee. Every panelist changed their guesses to the following: Jenny said this is LeAnn Rimes, Robin said this is Katherine McPhee, Ken said this is Mandy Moore, and Nicole said this is LeAnn Rimes.

The Sun unmasked herself to be…LeAnn Rimes! I was right on this one with the assistance of social media as well. We haven’t heard much from her for years and I wonder her motivation for doing the show in the first place, but I’m glad to see her exhibiting her talent. I saw that she will be performing on the New Years’ Eve show on Fox this year and I hope to hear more from her.

Another season has concluded and I’m a little sad about it (don’t worry, I’ll get over it quickly). The Masked Singer has been renewed for a fifth season and will debut in Spring 2021. I’ll be interested to see the new masks and talent in this upcoming season. One thing is certain with this show: the masks are unexpected and the celebrities that participate will keep stumping us repeatedly. It’s a fun little cat and mouse game we have going with the show, don’t you think?

(Picture Courtesy of Fox)

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