Is It Too Little, Too Late for Former Governor to Urge Citizens to Wear Masks?

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie posted a video on his Twitter page Wednesday evening, which was a 30 second public service announcement to urge all Americans to wear a mask (it is also posted on YouTube; the link is below). He talked about his experience having COVID-19, saying that it was “frightening to be lying in isolation in the ICU for 7 days”. He advised all Americans that we don’t want to be on the “wrong side of history” and “how wrong it is that we are letting mask wearing divide us”. Many Twitter users responded to his video, saying that he is trying to repent for the sins he committed while assisting the Trump Administration the last four years and others saying that the masks don’t work based on whatever study they pulled out of their behind.

Please just take a breath, everyone. I understand that people think he’s a little late to the party putting out this video; maybe it could have made more of a difference a couple of months ago. However, we are still in a pandemic where COVID-19 has been running rampant throughout the United States and it seems like there’s no sign things are getting better. The message is still relevant. I know he made some controversial comments earlier this year, saying that people will die no matter what because of this virus and urging for reopening. However, the fact that he got COVID in the first place made him change his opinion; it’s called evolution, people. Sometimes it takes something like a potentially deadly virus to change one’s mind. He even admitted in an op-ed in October that he was wrong. It’s a little harsh to say he’s a hypocrite, don’t you think? Most politicians are hypocritical, but I think it takes a lot of courage for him to admit that he was wrong. Just bask in one of the few times politicians admit fault.

I wish there were more in the Republican party that would speak out as Christie has. Frankly, I would like to see more people like him in the party in general. It’s no secret that there is a segment of the party that thinks that this virus isn’t real. However, for those that have either contracted it or are taking it seriously that are in prominent positions, what’s the harm to putting out a public service announcement like Christie’s talking about the severity of the virus? It would also be beneficial for them to practice what they preach, no matter what side of the aisle on which they lie. Obviously, I don’t know Chris Christie personally, but I trust that he will follow what he has told to the American people and hopefully set an example.

I think this video is teeing him up for a potential presidential run in 2024. Yes, I know there are rumors that Donald Trump will run again in 4 years, but I have a feeling that things could change significantly in the Republican Party in the next four years. I don’t think Trumpism will not be as widespread a political philosophy or ideology over the next couple of years, potentially opening the door for Chris Christie’s type of conservatism to come back and lead the Republican Party. Who knows if he will be the nominee? Second time (or potentially third if he doesn’t get the nomination in 2024) could be the charm.

I know there are some that think that he is an unlikeable political hack that trumps (no pun intended) for the president constantly. I don’t think this is the case at all. I began to have respect for Chris Christie after I saw an interview, he did with Barbara Walters in 2012 while he was still Governor of New Jersey, discussing the efforts to rebuild New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. I respect the fact that he didn’t care about the backlash of having then-President Obama survey the damage, potentially costing Mitt Romney the 2012 Presidential Election. He stands by his truth. I will admit there are several situations in which I don’t agree with his actions or what he may say (remember when he sat on the private beach after the beaches were shut down in NJ over Fourth of July weekend? That was not the best optics). Overall, I don’t think he is this boogieman that some people describe him to be and can respect his opinion. He disagrees with the president when it counts. For example, he has said repeatedly that the Trump campaign should let it go and acknowledge that they lost, even before Trump came to terms with it. He has said numerous times since the election that he thinks there is no evidence to support voter fraud. Christie has also advised the president to stop using the rhetoric during the Mueller investigation, warning him that he can make this longer if he keeps “poking the bear”. I also think he explains why Trump may do the things he does without making those on the left feel stupid. Just because there is an R next to his name doesn’t make him a monster. Concern for the health of others should not be a partisan issue. I don’t think this is meant for him to redeem himself or for political gain, but instead a way to use a platform to hopefully change the narrative.

Link (Video Courtesy of NowThisNews):

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