Wawa for the Win Once Again

Wawa has taken on-the-go to the next level through their introduction of a drive-thru that opened in Westhampton, Burlington County, New Jersey on Friday, December 18th. The drive thru has two lanes and a digital menu board that allows for customers to stay in their car and order coffee, hoagies (or subs depending on where you are from), and/or any other goodies. The plans of this addition were in place for over a year, but the implementation of this has been quickened because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wawa has expanded these plans by also starting to build a freestanding drive-thru location in Falls Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Wawa is a treasure of the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey region, speaking from someone that has lived in this area for most of my life (well, excluding the time I went to college in Central Pennsylvania for four years). It’s hard to explain the essence and appreciation for this convenience store to anyone that is not familiar or doesn’t have a Wawa close to them (Wawa has expanded outside of Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey to Florida, Virginia, and other states). I missed Wawa while I was in college and Sheetz, Rutter’s, and Turkey Hill just aren’t the same for me. There will always be the Sheetz vs. Wawa argument among Pennsylvanians until the end of time, but I will always be on the Wawa train. Choo choo!

There is news that the drive thru will also be opened at other Wawa stores soon, specifically at their Cranford, Eatontown and Randolph, New Jersey locations (all in northern New Jersey). Although the stand-alone location will be in southern Bucks County, I’m hoping they grow this concept into northern Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. I can’t imagine that the drive thru would not be successful considering how much they are putting the “convenience” in convenience stores for their customers. The only thing that could deter how effective this could be the parking lots. Everyone that is familiar with a Wawa knows what I’m talking about. If you really want to teach your child defensive driving, have them drive in a Wawa parking lot. Although those parking lots can be a big issue at times, it will be a minor inconvenience for their corporate office to deal with.

I’m hoping this drive thru is added to Wawa stores sooner than later. If you have children, are by yourself and want a coffee or a snack for a pick-me-up (like me at times), it would be so nice to just order a coffee, snack, or meal delivered to the sanctity of my car. I even had this thought months ago when the news of this came up and I was driving around with my children alone. This addition makes me love Wawa even more. I can’t get enough of this idea and can’t wait to experience it. Well done!





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