All This Outrage Over Orange Juice

Tropicana was under fire last week for a social media campaign they ran that encouraged parents to “#TakeaMimoment” by posting themselves having or making mimosas using their product with a hidden mini fridge as a reward to themselves for what they have had to deal with during the pandemic. Essentially, the ad was suggesting that alcohol was the antidote for having to parent with the adjustments made during the pandemic. Many people thought that the campaign was irresponsible and “alleged that Tropicana was normalizing (alcohol) addiction”. People have also said that this ad could adversely impact those that struggle with addiction. Some recovery groups thought that this ad was using substance abuse as entertainment. Tropicana ended the campaign upon the backlash, stating that they “(didn’t want to) make light of the struggles of addiction”.

I think that Tropicana’s ad was in poor taste. The company was attempting to be relatable to all parents since parents, especially those with school age children, have had to deal with a whole “new normal” because of the restrictions from the pandemic, but missed the mark terribly. I do understand where recovery groups are coming from regarding their concerns about the campaign potentially triggering a recovery alcohol addict. However, I think it’s a bit extreme to say that it is being normalized and being used for entertainment. Of course, substance abuse is not entertaining and not something to be celebrated. If a recovering alcoholic were to see the ad and it triggered them to start drinking again, I would implore them to seek help. Better yet, I would implore them to seek help no matter the circumstances that they have started drinking (it’s hard for people in this position to get support during the pandemic, which has caused them to relapse).

I do get this impression that Tropicana is trying to be “cancelled” by its detractors of this campaign. It is someone’s choice to stop buying a particular brand if they don’t like what they stand for. That’s the beauty of our capitalistic society. My problem is shoving it down other people’s throats and making a stink about something that may not have needed to stink in the first place. Personally, I don’t think alcohol is the first thing I would turn to so that I can relax and unwind from the stressors of these times. I’d rather curl up with a book, watch mindless TV or even do a blog post (just for you, readers!). However, if someone is not going to harm themselves or is in a vulnerable state of alcoholism, I don’t feel right telling someone how to relax. If you feel that a mimosa or glass of wine may take the edge off, that’s fine; just don’t bother me.

Tropicana’s social media and marketing team maybe should have reviewed the campaign before someone put it out to the masses. However, I don’t think it went to the extremes that some critics were saying. I don’t want this opinion to come off like I don’t have any sympathy for those with substance abuse issues because I understand where the detractors are coming from. That being said, for those that do not experience these issues, take a breather and relax. Not everything in our world has to be offensive.


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