How Many Idiots Does It Take to Come Up with a Stimulus Package?

It appeared that Congress FINALLY came up with and passed a $900 billion bill that included COVID-19 relief and government funding for the people that needed it on Monday. The bill allowed for a whopping $600 per person for those making up to $75,000 per year and $1,200 for a married couple that made up to $150,000 per year; surely, this is a living wage for people that have lost their jobs, haven’t been able to find another, and for those working in small businesses (I say this in jest). There was a rare moment of bipartisanship with which celebrities from both sides were dissatisfied with this bill. Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, who is a Trump supporter along with his family, stated that the politicians are putting citizens in dire straits. Alyssa Milano, who is an outspoken Trump critic, was critical of the amount that citizens would receive. One of the most important voices in the debate, the President of the United States, sounded off in a four-minute video on his Twitter page on Tuesday night. He said that the amount should be changed to $2,000 per person and that certain aspects of the spending bill should be changed, such as the foreign aid. This does not happen very often, but this is something on which I agree wholeheartedly with the President.

Where was this type of behavior the entire time? I understand the mainstream media, especially the left leaning side of it, would not have covered the caring side because it wouldn’t fit their narrative, but this was what the American people (or least me) have been wanting to see the last four years. This was one of the most presidential moments I’ve ever witnessed from the president.  I’m no supporter of Trump by any means, but I think it’s important to point out when he does something right and just for the American people. Standing up to politicians that have taken entirely too long to figure out another stimulus package for those in need and keeping us in mind the whole time is extremely praiseworthy.

My one concern with the president’s request to increase the stimulus to $2,000 per person is where we will get the money from. How much more are we going to be adding to the national debt? I understand if this could have been the reasoning why some Republicans did not vote for this bill in the first place and why they may not vote for it now, which may come up as if they are disregarding the American people, but we’re damned if we do and more damned if we don’t pass this bill.

I want to touch on the fact that Congress’ behavior has become more and more abhorrent, especially through the Trump years. I have touched on this repeatedly on the blog for those that have followed along. It has really brought out an ugly side of them. I understand that these grudges and division have been festering for years, but ultimately these people work for us. It is important to understand how your local congressman or senator votes on key issues, especially one such as this. If they don’t have your interest in mind, no matter your political party, they should not be in Congress. This is public service, not personal fulfillment on behalf of the public just to feed your ego or get those cushy government benefits. Give that to someone that’s going to get the job done.

I’m hoping that this can all be worked out sooner than later. If the President doesn’t sign this bill, we are headed for a government shutdown and this will have severe consequences on the economy. I understand it’s almost Christmas, but the American people deserve a Christmas bonus in the form of a stimulus check. It’s a catch-22 and will suck one way or another. Americans don’t win either way.


(Picture Courtesy of Business Insider)

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