The Elephant in the Room

The losing party in the general election and in the houses of Congress tends to reassess their identities, figure out why they lost and how they can win the majority in the future. This is nothing new in the world of politics and happened in 2008, 2012 and 2020 for the Republicans and in 2016 for the Democrats. However, it seems like the Republican party needs to have a come to Jesus moment more than ever on what their party represents and even if they will remain a party in the future. Are they the party of small government and Reagan or the party of fringe politics, conspiracy theories, and Trump?

It’s been uncomfortable for many Republicans when former President Donald Trump was espousing the falsehoods about the 2020 election from November going forward. The last straw for some was January 6, 2021. There are tens of thousands of former Republicans that have now changed their party affiliation and I’m sure maybe even more now that Marjorie Taylor Greene has become prominent and the topic of conversation just about anywhere you turn (link to an article is below). It seems like there is a large fracture in the party between those that are conservative to the core and those that are part of the fringe. It’s the principled conservatives like Liz Cheney, Ben Sasse, Adam Kinzinger, etc. vs. the Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump, etc.

This Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG for short) is a whack job, period, end of story. Not only is QAnon one of the most outlandish conspiracy theories on the planet and takes several times to fully understand what the hell it is in the first place, which is something this woman believes in, but the fact that she also believes that Jewish Space Lasers caused the wildfires in California and that the school shootings were a hoax is the understatement of craziness. She can apologize all she wants, but when you call the Democrats morons even after the half-hearted apology, it makes it seem like you’re completely disingenuous. It makes no sense why anyone would defend this kind of misinformation, but there are some in the Republican party has embraced this to look like they are a “big tent party”. It’s as if they have abandoned the values that their party has held so dear in the past. Better yet, it may have gone out the window once Trump was elected. Why should there be this fear of a man who isn’t really a conservative to begin with? Kevin McCarthy can’t have it both ways and kiss the ring. Move on, dude.

I understand that several members of Republican leadership have condemned these words and say that they don’t represent who they are as a party (I have gained more respect for Mitch McConnell, one of them that have spoken out against this rhetoric, since January 6th). It’s the ones like Matt Gaetz that I wish would just be primaried or just not reelected. Members of the party like him are just out to bring up the whataboutisms and just want to sit there and look like they’re superior, independent thinkers without acknowledging wrongdoings of his own party and the fact that they are just a bunch of sheep anyway. It’s safe to say he’s not exactly a man of integrity. Neither party is perfect, but when our democracy was on the brink of extinction and your life was in danger, he still stands by a man and his beliefs that are so ass backwards, they are not even cemented in reality. I guess we’re still on Earth 2.

I don’t even want to be talking about these crazies like Greene or Gaetz in the Republican party and want to get back to yesteryear when they weren’t considered a prominent part of the party. MTG has overstayed her welcome in the heads of cable news and just about everyone else that is concerned about her presence. I’d rather be having policy discussions on how to get COVID under control, foreign policy, etc. It’s not a bad thing to believe that government doesn’t need to have a prominent part in your life, strong national defense is essential, and that we should be working to decrease the national debt so we or our children don’t have to pay for it in the future. It’s also not a bad thing to believe that big government is good too. Just because you believe one thing doesn’t mean it makes you the enemy; we are a democracy and diversity of thought is essential to that form of government. Freedom of speech is one thing, but it is your responsibility as a leader to speak in truth, not manufactured or revisionist truth. One man and the symptoms of his rhetoric, misinformation, and delusion should not cause this party to dissolve. He’s not worth it.  Let someone else be the leader with more integrity, accountability and lives in truth. It’s not a hard concept.


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