The Masked Singer, Season 5 Finale – Pass the Bacon, Please

Another season done and another winner crowned. The fifth season of The Masked Singer concluded Wednesday, May 26th, and the end to a thrilling season was…not so thrilling. Although I enjoy that the show’s finale gets to the point with crowning its winner, there was just something missing.

I like Leann Rimes, but I’m not sure that her as a guest judge was needed for the finale. The producers could have had anyone in this seat. I’m sure the intention was for her to “pass the torch” to the new winner, but it wasn’t like she gave the trophy to the winner (also, COVID-19 protocols at the time of filming would have prohibited her from getting too close anyway). However, I did enjoy her performance with the remaining three contestants and was especially surprised to hear how good Chameleon’s singing voice was too.

Let’s get to the performances for the final time for season five. I’ll hold off on judges’ guesses until the end.



Song: “Gangster’s Paradise” by Coolio ft. L.V.

Thoughts: Although I liked his other performances more than this one, I still thought his rendition of “Gangster’s Paradise” was good.

My Guess: I still think it’s Wiz Khalifa. I’ve watched the clue package numerous times from this week’s episode to try and find new clues, but I’m not picking up on anything. However, he has mentioned in previous weeks and this week that he has a child, which is relevant to Wiz Khalifa (he has a son, Sebastian, with Amber Rose).

Black Swan

Song: “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?” by Michael Bolton

Thoughts: Every rendition of the songs that Black Swan has performed over the course of this season have been fire. I got goosebumps listening to this performance. Well done.

My Guess: The clue package this week continued to affirm that this is JoJo. Black Swan mentioned that she was famous before she got her driver’s license, and this was most certainly the case. JoJo became famous when she was 13 or 14.


Song: “Faithfully” by Journey

Thoughts: I got goosebumps from his performance. Piglet has really brought it in the last couple of weeks and has shown how much he wants to win this.

My Guess: It’s still Nick Lachey and will always be Nick Lachey. He mentioned in this week’s clue package that he was one of the first to be in the public eye before the advent of social media and has become private as a result of the publicity. We all know about his relationship with Jessica Simpson and the reality show they had on MTV (“Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish?” Idiot.).

Now for the moment of truth. Who will take third place? It is…Chameleon. This did not surprise me. Although Chameleon is an extremely talented rapper, I think we have yet to see a rapper win.

The first impression guesses from the judges were all over the place. Robin initially guessed this was Redfoo (which was a good guess, and someone that I thought it could have been initially) but changed his answer to Wiz Khalifa. Jenny initially guessed this is Denzel Washington (yeah, okay, like he would do this show), but changed her answer to Gucci Mane. Ken initially guessed this is Dwight Howard but changed his guess to 2 Chainz. Nicole took the cake with her initial guess, which was Nick Cannon. Tell me how that could be pulled off with him standing right next to the Chameleon. Just…Wow. She ended up changing her answer to Wiz Khalifa. Leann agreed with Ken and guessed this is 2 Chainz.

Who could it be? Who could it be? (I’ll start this chant instead of the “Take it off!” one.) Chameleon was revealed to be…Wiz Khalifa! Of course, this was not surprising to me. Wiz Khalifa is among some of the most famous faces that have been cast as contestants on this show. I’m glad he decided to do the show.

Okay. Let’s get to the winner. The winner of the fifth season of The Masked Singer is…Piglet! I have been partial to Black Swan all season as she has such a powerful voice, but I’m satisfied that Piglet won the whole thing.

It was Black Swan’s turn to reveal her face. The judges’ initial guesses were all singers, so at least we were on the right track. Robin initially guessed this is Rita Ora but changed his guess to Normani. Jenny initially guessed this is Leighton Meester (I know she’s an actress, but she has sung before; check out the song “Good Girls Go Bad” by Cobra Starship). She changed her guess to Monica. Ken initially guessed this is Jessie J, but changed his guess to Demi Lovato. Nicole guessed this was Natasha Bedingfield at first, but changed her answer to JoJo. Leann agreed with Nicole and guessed JoJo.

Who could it be? Black Swan was…JoJo! Is it just me, or does JoJo pretty much look the same as she did when she was a teenager? She’s 30 and still looks childlike.

It’s time for the reveal of the winner. The judges’ guesses were also along the lines of musical artists. Robin initially guessed that this is Johnny Rzenick of the Goo Goo Dolls and decided to change his guess to Nick Lachey. Jenny initially guessed this is Nick Lachey and kept her answer. Ken thought this was Adam Lambert at first but changed his answer to Jeremy Renner. Nicole thought this was Cody Simpson at first but decided to change her answer to Brian Littrell. Leann agreed with Robin and Jenny and guessed this is Nick Lachey.

Lo and behold, Piglet was…Nick Lachey! How can you miss that voice? I knew it was Nick Lachey from the beginning, and the clue package merely helped me to learn more about him. I’m happy for him; he is a much better singer than a dancer (just search on YouTube for his stint on Dancing with the Stars; not as good as this).

The Golden Ear winner for season five of The Masked Singer was…Jenny. Of course. She is the pop culture guru and knows more than anyone on that panel (except for Ken Jeong, who is a doctor). The wig was a little corny, though, and looks like something that she stole out of RuPaul’s closet). I also just need to address Nicole’s dress this episode. It was entirely too short for me.

The producers are going to need to up their game next season. They added so many things to this season to give it some extra pizzazz that if next season doesn’t have any added flair, its ratings will sink.

It’s hard to imagine who else would be available or be wanting to do the show at this point, but there are plenty of celebrities in Hollywood that may be willing to do the show because of the show’s fandom with their children. I hope to see the talent at another level next season. It would blow me out of the water.

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