Lessons from Literature Happen, No Matter the Book

New year, new beginnings. Well, sort of.

I created the “Self-Improvement Sequestration Project” in the beginning of 2021 in the vein of having a New Year’s Resolution. I wanted to improve myself, mind, body and soul. I was able to provide some insight on a couple of books that I read relating to self-help and self-improvement. However, just like most of us with the New Year’s Resolutions we set to achieve, I was unable to commit to being consistent with reading and posting.

Life happens for all of us, and I was no exception to this. I didn’t really have much time to read, and thus compiling thoughts and posts faltered. I also started to realize that self-improvement is a continuous journey. Constantly reading self-help books is only one piece of the puzzle in that voyage. There are practices like reflection, the reframing of thoughts, and other individual ways that we may take in order to improve ourselves.

In addition, reading can be a way for us to escape our reality. We have all needed some type of escape in the last year from the strain that the pandemic and world’s events have had on our psyches. The alternate realities outlined in fiction books (and some non-fiction books, depending on the author, but that’s a different story) are great ways to flee everyday life for a little bit. Only reading self-help books would prohibit that opportunity to step into another reality.

Many of you know that I love to read and want to be able to share some of these books with my readers, including the lessons and themes that I have found. I have decided to change up the “Self-Improvement Sequestration Project”. The “Self-Improvement Sequestration Project” is now…


This is like the “Self-Improvement Sequestration Project” in that this is a series with which I will provide my thoughts and lessons from the books that I read. I won’t share everything I read, but if something catches my eye or is relevant to what may be going on with current events, I will provide my insights. These books will span the gamut of book genres, so there can be everything for everyone. I promise I will be more consistent in posting as well.

Reading provides so many benefits to people, including reducing stress and improving brain capabilities1. I hope that this new and improved series will provide you with some of these benefits as well as the opportunity to learn something new and maybe even add a new book to your reading list.


  1. https://www.healthline.com/health/benefits-of-reading-books

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